This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Super Hero Movies.

Hayley Atwell (Captain America)

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I’m gonna suggest you don’t hang any of these on your tree this year, merrily inappropriate Christmas decorations .

Keep Them Both On The Field – Even though TJ Lang was active last Sunday, he didn’t see any playing time which most likely was the smart move by McCarthy.  This week though Lang should be able to get back in the trenches.  Question is where does he play?  Does McCarthy remove Don Barclay from the Right Tackle spot & put Lang back there or does Lang get his own slot at Left Guard & leave Barclay where he’s at.  I think Barclay has shown enough that he deserves to keep the position he’s been playing the past couple weeks & Lang is strong at his guard position than at tackle.  The Bears, even without Urlacher, have a formidable pass rush so putting the best players in their best position will only help offset that & keep Rodgers off his back.

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