Sorry the weekly autopsy is a day late. Did not get home from the game until 3 am. Oh how I have missed driving in icy weather. Didn’t realize until part way through the first half that my winter coat is the perfect shade of girly Lion’s blue. *facepalm*. Look haters, you know I am there almost every game, did not the G on my hat remind you that I am very much one of you. I wanted to stay warm and dry! Wardrobe malfunctions aside, let’s go put those little Kitty Cats on the slab.

  • Why oh why, do the Packers have to start the first quarter against the Lions like that? Happened last year too, even though the Matty Flynn Show threw for six touchdowns. Man, I hate digging out of a hole in our own house.
  • But, these are the Lions we’re talking about. Give Stafford enough rope, and he will invariably hang himself.
  • Before last night, did any of you say, wow, that Mike Daniels is a playmaker? *crickets* Well, points to Mike for his awareness. Not sure how thrilled the south endzone was with 300 pounds of Green and Gold leaping into the stands in a giant bellylanche. but at least he scored more points from the Russian judge for his Lambeau Leap than others last night. Speaking of which, let’s look at the scores from last nights’ leap…United States: 9.2, France 8.9, Russia 8.5, Germany 9.1
  • That said, where was the Packer’s pass rush last night. Stafford was sacked for a total of zero, count ‘em ZERO sacks. Makes you realize what an impact players like DJ Smith and Clay Matthews make on the defense. I mean, seriously, Zombo got eaten alive last night.
  • Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a healed up Claymaker. Nothing special that cries or wets, just one that sacks the living daylights out of quarterbacks.
  • Speaking of early Christmas gifts, it was so go to have Sam Shields back in the lineup.
  • Actually, the secondary looked quite good last night. Sure, they should’ve had about five or six interceptions last night. But they get a pass because the ball was a cold, wet, slippery pig. But what they weren’t intercepting, they were knocking out of the air. Yes, Megatron was still the Lion’s go-to receiver, but Tramon Williams did a great job tipping balls away from the great Transformer.
  • And with their collective performance (though I am still not a fan of Capers’ zone coverage, I don’t think Woodson’s absence has been as big of a deal as Matthews or Smith. And this injury may be the slow exit stage left for Woodson. Hate it when players like him start getting pushed to the periphery, but we are set for the future. But, that’s not to say I’m going to not miss Charles Woodson. Perhaps they could get rid of Capers, move Kevin Greene to DC (admit it, wouldn’t you just love to have an aggressive defensive scheme again!) and let Charles be some sort of defensive coach? Dear Packer Santa, make it so!
  • Liking how Don Barclay is working out as the latest Right Tackle. Too bad Bill Jartz didn’t know his name. Nothing like a lot of awkward silence as you think you’re about to be announced for the first time at your home stadium and no one knows who the heck you are and you walk out to crickets.
  • So getting back to Barclay and his performance. I think he should stay at RT and put Lang back in his old position at guard when he’s healthy. EDS is getting his butt handed to him on a platter and I think Lang + Barclay is a better combination than Barclay + EDS.
  • Hey, look, the Packers actually had a running game last night. Too bad no one knoew who DuJuan Harris was and saw the dreads and assumed it was Alex Green banging it into the endzone. Don’t worry, Alex, you’ll get your turn soon! Of all of the Lambeau Leaps last night, Harris’ was the best executed. USA 9.7, France 9.5 Russia 9.3, Germany 9.4.
  • And then there was Aaron Charles and his Lambeau Leap. Or should I say his Lambeau Run Straight into the wall. USA 7.9, France 8.1 Russia 2.3, Germany 7.4. Honey, do you need a springboard or something?
  • All kidding aside, I haven’t seen Rodgers that fired up in a while.  Great awareness. Everyone was covered. Ndkickinthenads Suh forgot Rodgers can run. Easy six points. On the other hand, loved how he was looking down the field and tertiary options last night. I was yelling run a lot of times when he would scramble and find his third option wide open.
  • Couple of dropped balls. For the record, none came from Finley. Not going to point the finger at anyone, because please see above comment about cold, wet slippery pig of a ball.
  • Not surprised Rodgers didn’t throw for a TD. But in a cold wet game, a lot of times the battle is won on the ground and in the defensive trenches.
  • So he missed a kick. Get off his back. For the record, Mason kicked one when the wind and sleet was at its absolute worst.
  • Still don’t know why Josh Sitton was flagged for holding. Now had they called low block below the knees on that play I would’ve believed the refs. Maybe it was a case of, “Oh crap, Sitton did something bad and I can’t remember diddly. Let’s say he held and call it a day.” Considering it could’ve been a low block, I’ll take the net 5 yards in our favor if we’re going to stroll past the sneeze guard at the Penalty Buffet.
  • But what was up on the penalty on Tramon for Unecessary Roughness? Megatron ran into and flattened him. No slamming Johnson to the ground. No helmet to helmet. Johnson ran into him and it’s Williams that gets a flag? Seriously, playing within 5 yards of a receiver is now a 15 yard penalty?
  • I like how the Packers are starting to come together in the last quarter of the season. No, they aren’t pretty wins, but the Packers, unlike last year–don’t seem to be wilting as week 17 approaches.
  • Finally, I’d like to point out the biggest WTF moment of the evening. The husband is a latecomer to fotball. I don’t hold it against him, even if he thinks the punter and the place kicker are the same position. So, we’re at the game. He’s yelling for the secondary to cover Megatron. He knows Stafford will throw it to Megatron when it’s third and long or fourth and going for it every time. He’s decided we need to do everything to stop this !$%^&# Megatron. As we’re in the car driving out of the parking lot, we listen to the postgame show on the radio. He turns to me and asks–very seriously I might add, “Who is Calvin Johnson?”
  • *face palm* Seriously, people. I thought the whole punter/placekicker thing was bad enough. This is what I have to live with EVER SINGLE DAY!

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  • Anita

    “Who is Calvin Johnson?” Awww. That’s just so cluelessly cute!!!