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Alana Blanchard – @alanaRblanchard

The Bucks hung in there but in the end lost to the Spurs 110-99 .

The big Packers news yesterday was the return of a familiar face as Green Bay signed Ryan Gran t.

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Quick Fix – We said good-bye to Bret Bielema yesterday & we’re saying hello to Ryan Grant today.  With the James Stark becoming unavailable for the remainder of the year, signing Ryan Grant was really the only move which could have been made.  Even a year removed from the Packers, Grant will still be entirely familiar with the offensive scheme & should be able to contribute as soon as this coming weekend. No one should be expecting Grant to be racking up 100+ yard games at this point in his career but he should be a serviceable piece of the offensive puzzle as we enter this stretch run in December. I understand and agreed with the reasons why Grant wasn’t brought back at the start of the season but I can whole heartedly say I’m glad he was available now & is back with the team.

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