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Didn’t See That Coming – The huge news yesterday was that of Bret Bielema leaving Wisconsin to take on the Arkansas head coaching job.  As I tweeted out yesterday afternoon, I really didn’t think we’d ever see Barry Alvarez’s handpicked successor & protégé leave Wisconsin.  I recall when Alvarez announced Bielema would be taking his spot when Alvarez transitioned to the fulltime Wisconsin AD & being rather surprised.  Since then, for the most part, I’ve been fine with what Bielema has done & even with two Rose Bowl losses he got the team there at least & now a third straight one.  Now the big question is who will Alvarez target as the next head coach of Wisconsin?  Of course the hot name will be Paul Chyrst, but he just got to Pittsburgh, not sure if he’d want to leave that suddenly and really most of the Chryst talk will be because he’s a familiar name too. I’m sure Barry’s already got a list made, we’ll just have to wait and see who is all on it.


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  • Harland O. Dog

    If Bielema had left after last season with Paul Chryst still in the fold I would view his departure with less trepidation. As it stands now, the timing sucks for the Badgers. It’ll be interesting to see where Barry looks for a replacement. Despite the roadblocks, even now Chryst still seems like the best fit.

    As for Bielema’s (for lack of a better word) ‘legacy’ at Wisconsin, the program under his tutelage probably fared about as well as Badger fans had a right to expect. But for me, as well as many other Badgers’ fans it seems, there was always an underlying sense that the team often could or should have been better than it was.