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It might have been ugly to some, but Chris and Dave found the Packers win over the Vikings to have its moments of beauty. They have much praise for Morgan Burnett, they liked that killer 11 minute drive, and even gave Mason Crosby his props. They wrap it all up with some movie discussion and a few words about PocketDoppler Angels Colleen and Kelly’s podcast.


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  • adam

    Another great podcast. Been listening for a couple of years now. Other Packers podcasts come and go, but the PT crew marches on.

    Couple things: AJ Hawk has never been a PT favorite, but you’ve got to give the guy props. He usually plays a decent game, and he’s rarely injured. Mr. Reliability. It seemed for years that TT “overpaid” with the #5 overall pick in 2006, but 7 solid and injury-free seasons is worth something.

    I think the Pack have something in Barclay, particularly in the run game. I watched him carefully. He’s a mauler. Yeah, his feet got tangled up a couple times in pass pro, but the guy pulls with speed, strength, and attitude.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the good words, Adam. You have a point about Hawk’s dependability (although he was hurt for a bit last season). While he has been reliable, he hasn’t been all that good in terms of performance and production. I don’t think he’s a bust as they have gotten a lot of snaps out of him. It’s just that he really has never developed into a difference maker.

    Barclay did OK for the first time out. If he could be serviceable it would allow them to move Lang back and, ideally, move EDS to center and put Saturday on the bench.

  • adam

    Starks gone. I thought he was going to be one of the keys to a playoff run. Now, they are barrel-scraping with Ryan Grant. One yard and a cloud of dust.

  • Colleen

    Chris, you are awesome. Thanks for the shoutout.