This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Athletes on Twitter.

Caroline Wozniacki – @carowozniacki

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Wisconsin hoops was also in action yesterday & the Badgers rebound big time in 81-56 win over Cal .

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Seeing as I’m listening to Empire State of Mind right now, here are 32 Signs You Live In New York City .

Much Better Weekend – Pretty sure we’re all feeling much better this Monday morning vs last.  It started off on Saturday with the Badgers hammering Nebraska to win the Big Ten Championship game & a third straight Rose Bowl berth.  I knew the Badgers were capable of winning that game but I don’t think anyone could have expected the result we saw.  It was a good way to cap a at sometimes mediocre & frustration season.  Move to yesterday & we got to see the Packers gut out a win against the Vikings & with a Chicago loss now sit atop the NFC North once more.  It wasn’t a perfect game by any means but in the end the Packers did what they needed to secure the win, something sorely needed after the week before.

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  • Kyle Lobner

    I got 9 of 20 on the headline quiz.

  • Mente

    Four wrong