Each week last season, the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (Wally, Harland O. Dog & Chris Richards), Senior Angel Colleen and favored stepson Rich would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re going to make another valiant attempt at it this year. Unfortunately Chris had to bow out for this season (or happily escaped, take your pick) so Angel Kelly has joined the team. Like always, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators. Entering into Week 13 the current standings are:

Wally: 26
Harland O. Dog: 24
Colleen: 25
Kelly: 26
Rich: 22

Wally leaps into a tie with Kelly for the lead. Time for the Angels in the group to get some wins this week and put the guys where they belong…firmly in the cellar. Let’s see what happens.

Harland O. Dog

Vikings @ Packers - Both teams are coming off dreadful road losses.  The difference between them is that Minnesota is probably closer to the team we saw last week than are the Packers.  At least, those of us around these parts hope so.  The combustible combination of the Green Bay offensive line against the Vikings defensive front will likely make this one more of a nailbiter than it should be.  But a return to the friendly confines of Lambeau Field along with the desire for redemption will allow the Packers to prevail.

Eagles @ Cowboys - The audience for this Sunday night game will be akin to the type of crowd that stops to gawk at a train wreck, which is a metaphor that could be applied to either of these teams.  The bottom has already fallen out for Philadelphia and the screws are all but loose for the Cowgirls.  Even though Dallas has played (marginally) better away from home, their saving grace here is that they’re delusional enough to think they still have a chance at the playoffs.  That stands in stark contrast to the sign above the Eagles locker room which by this point must read, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”.

Giants @ Redskins – As the Packers learned definitively last Sunday night, those who underestimate the New York Giants do so at their own peril.   After a number of lackluster performances, New York laid a beatdown on a Green Bay team that, if you bought into the talk last week was focused on ‘revenge’.  That suggests that the G-men, like clockwork, are ready to begin their annual playoff onslaught.  Washington rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III has had an exciting season for the Native Americans giving them hope for the future but the future is now for the New York (football) Giants.

Harland O. Dog’s Picks:  Packers, Cowboys & Giants


Vikings @ Packers – It’s time to get back on track & where else better to do it than Lambeau & who better to do it against than the Vikings. I know we were all pretty taken back by last Sunday night’s game, but even good teams lay an egg on occasion, even the Packers. I won’t say there aren’t some issues to fix but I’m confident this team will fix them & it starts this Sunday. Packers hold Peterson to the minimal yards, fluster Ponder into at least 2 INTS & win big to restore order to the Packers’ faithful.

Eagles @ Cowboys – Making fun of the Eagles really isn’t all that fun anymore. They’re basically becoming the Jets of the NFC…OK, no one’s that bad but still, the Eagles are not good. Anyone who actually picks the Eagles to win this should have their head examined.

Giants @ Redskins – The Redskins have something to play for here as while it’s a something of a long shot can still be looking a Wild Card in the playoffs. The Giants on the other hand want to make sure they solidify their lead in the NFC East. Looking back at the few MNF games, this one is actually worth watching. No matter what happened last weekend, I don’t think the Giants are as good as they showed in their last game, they just aren’t. So I’m going with RG3 & the Redskins here to upset their division foe, keeping their playoff hopes alive while bringing the Giants back down to Earth.

Wally’s Picks: Packers, Cowboys & Redskins


Vikings @ Packers – While as much as I hated losing so horribly this past week, there is nothing more satisfying than the Pack righting the ship, taking their frustrations out on a division rival and absolutely pounding the snot out of the Minnesota Vikings. I live on the west side of the state. People proudly wear purple even an hour from the boarder with the land of lefse. And what is up with lutefisk? Why would anyone in their right mind eat rubbery fish that has been marinated in Easy Off? No, Clay Matthews isn’t back yet, but expect Ponder to be resting comfortably on his back several times. Oh, and it’s some guy’s birthday today. Wonder if he’d like another W gift-wrapped at the end of the day?

Eagles @ Cowboys – Wait, Andy Reid is still employed? Seriously? Romo may be horrible. He’ll probably throw an interception or three today. But as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Good thing the Eagles are the clock that has lost its hands.

Giants @ Redskins – I still hate the Giants. I still think Eli Manning is a fraction of the quarterback the media hypes him up to be. Why yes, I am still salty, thanks for noticing. But that has nothing to with my pick. No, really. I have no respect for the Giants. They aren’t all that good. Meanwhile RGIII is, even if his coach is a tool with a bad fake bake. That said I have never given a toss about the NFC East and if they were all sent to the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, I probably would not care

Kelly’s Picks: Packers, Cowboys, Redskins


Vikings @ Packers – While Minnesota has a winning record, having watched them play in a couple of games, I can pretty safely say they really aren’t very good. As I said to Kelly on our ‘Out of the Pocket’ podcast this week (yes, shameless plug) “Thank God they’re playing the Vikings’. Despite the fact that Jared Allen only got fined instead of suspended for his dirty hit last week, I just don’t see the Vikings pulling this out, Adrian Peterson being in and CJ Wilson being out notwithstanding. Time to get another win, Packers.

Eagles @ Cowboys – This game can best be described as a flaming heap of dung. Why anyone would bother to watch the traveshmockery is beyond me, but I suppose some fun could be had if in fact the Eagles could actually win this game because seeing Jerry Jones suffer is more fun for me than I can describe in just a few sentences. Michael Vick is still out, his bell apparently having been rung harder than all the ones at the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eagles continue what I am starting to call ‘Andy Reid’s Farewell Tour’. Going to have to take the home team on this one.

Giants @ Redskins – The Giants suck. The Redskin’ coach and owner suck. Things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate, but these facts do not. So this is a suckfest of major proportions. Just because I’m hoping to see a lot of ‘Manningface’ from Peyton’s brother (I can’t even say his name after last week’s debacle) and I do like RG III despite who’s running his team, I’m going to be pulling for the Redskins on this one. AND YOU’D BETTER WIN, GENTLEMEN.

Colleen’s Picks: Packers, Cowboys & Redskins


Vikings @ Packers – Since Mike McCarthy manned the helm in 2006, Green Bay has won nine of 12 against Minnesota. This includes a 45-7 spanking of the Vikings last season. Coming off of an embarrassing loss in New York, I see no way the Packers don’t show up ready to bludgeon Minnesota at Lambeau this coming Sunday.

Eagles @ Cowboys – When you release a player who had 20 sacks last season (Jason Babin), you’ve given up not only on the season but the next several. The Eagles are clearly gearing up to start over/rebuild next season, and I find it hard to believe there is much fight left in this team. Remember when Vince Young said they were like a super team before the start of last season? That was fun. I’d make an Andy Reid, but I only have sympathy for The Walking Dead. Oops.

Giants @ Redskins – It would be just like the Giants to shoot the bed (did I say that phrase correctly?) a week after demolishing the Packers. I’m rooting for it to happen, but not in December. This is the time of the season where they turn it on and become a formidable playoff contender. Despite having a 12-year old kid at quarterback, New York is going to roll through December as they gear up for another postseason run.

Rich’s picks: Packers, Cowboys & Giants


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