Concerned about the Packers O-Line? So are Chris and Dave. They discuss that problem and the Packers match up problems with the Giants during Episode 202 of Packers Therapy.


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  • Stev

    The chances of a Seattle Green Bay Wild Card playoff game are getting better and better. Chicago about to implode, which would give the Packers the NFC north and both San Francisco and Atlanta rolling to first round byes. This would leave Seattle and Chicago as Wildcard teams. New York will probably win the NFC east so their victory over Green Bay would push Seattle into Green Bay as the first playoff game.

    Does this seem like a likely scenario?

  • Chris

    I am not sure that it is “likely,” but it is certainly plausible. Way too many moving parts yet for me to project who is going where. Heck, I am not even positive that GB will make the post season. Four games is a lot of time the way the NFL is set up these days.