This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MMA Ring Girls.

Jade Bryce

Not a good week for Wisconsin based hoops teams as Marquette got beat by Florida last night 82-49 .

I think we all knew this was coming, Packers lose Benson for Season .

Brian at CHTV says the Packers’ Young Secondary Gets Serving of Humble Pie at the Perfect Time .

All Green Bay Packers is Packing the Stats: Packers First Down Failures .

Madtown Badgers has 5 Badgers Things to Watch for – The Big Ten Championship edition .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter on how Wisconsin’s Secondary Lining Up Shot at Revenge vs. Nebraska .

Alright, here we go, Brewers Begin Testing Pitching Market .

I mean really, what’s the purpose here, A Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Is Going To Crush Some Overmatched High Schoolers .

Seriously, fire the marketing department now: Jaguars have a spinoff of the Terrible Towel called the ‘Jag Rag’ .

A look back at 20 Things That Were Happening The Last Time Notre Dame Won A Championship .

For those of you still sad from not winning, How to read your losing Powerball ticket .

Just fantastic, Rainn Wilson And Craig Robinson Spoof The “Two And A Half Men” Kid’s Video .

Have to agree on several of these types, People Who Should Be Banished From Society .

This is pretty accurate, A Map of Your Grocery Store .

Set Some Records Straight – Both football teams in Wisconsin, the Badgers & the Packers, have something to prove this weekend.  For the Badgers it’ll be in the Big Ten Championship game where Bucky will want to prove they belong there & should they win prove they belong in the Rose Bowl.  As I said earlier this week, there’s no point in debating whether or not UW backed into this game because of the ineligibility of Ohio & Penn State. The fact is that they are there & have an opportunity to prove that’s where they belong.  For the Packers, their game on Sunday is a chance to prove what happened the previous weekend was an aberration, a fleeting blip in the season as a whole.  I like the chances of both of our teams this weekend & the chance to prove all their naysayers wrong.

In addition to football we’ll have Bucks basketball Friday & Saturday as well as Badger’s hoops on Sunday, nice full weekend of sports watching availability.  Hope you all enjoy the weekend & we’ll see you back here come Monday morning.

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