Yes, this is a ‘Wisconsin Sports Blog’. But for this post, I’m moving outside the state to address an issue that arose yesterday with this article . Said article caused quite the firestorm on the internet, and rightfully so, in my opinion.

It’s no secret I like Colin Kaepernick. Also it is no secret that he’s playing well and it stinks that he plays for the hated 49ers. I think I even got unfollowed as a result of praising him this week, a la Jason Wilde.

I’m not, however, writing this because I’m a fan of Colin’s. I’d be writing this if the quarterback in question was Robert Griffin III. David Whitley’s post immediately, totally struck me as being racist. Not to mention simply stupid. Today a rebuttal appeared that points out that in fact Mr. Whitley has adopted African American daughters, and so one would hope is pretty much in no way a racist, even if he is an ass. But I think he is, indeed, bigoted.

It is true that most quarterbacks who get major endorsement deals are white. And don’t have tattoos. Or at least not ones that are visible. But that, too, seems to be no reason to avoid a tattoo, if that’s what you’re into. In this day and age, to make assumptions about someone because they sport some body ink is ludicrous. (Although, since yours truly sports a little ink, I can now say I have something in common with most of the guys in San Quentin. So there’s that.) I understand why Jerry Richardson advised Cam Newton not to get marked up, but it just seems like such a misguided notion.

Colin is, by all accounts, a nice guy, from a good family and a devout Christian (and, unlike that Tebow guy he’s been compared to, doesn’t shove that down your throat). In fact, according to his parents, his tattoos on his arms are Bible verses. He’s handsome and well-spoken, no doubt the latter being aided by the fine University he attended. ;) It’s too bad for David Whitley that this man doesn’t fit his idea of what a quarterback should ‘look’ like.

My friend @MiltownBucky summed it up better than I can: ‘These things are overlooked in favor of a snapshot of a young man’s physical appearance that, to one seemingly misguided writer, is not what he expects or wants in a quarterback; even when that quarterback has done what the late Raiders owner Al Davis summed up succinctly: Just win baby.’

Just show the folks what a great quarterback and class act looks like, Colin. Tattoos and all.


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  • Packerken

    Great read Colleen. I actually feel it’s more classist than racist. I think for the most part our country has moved on from judging based on race to judging based on how much money people have or what part of town they live in.