This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MMA Ring Girls.

Kelli Hutcherson

Wasn’t pretty as ‘Melo’mentum brings Milwaukee back to Earth .

And this was even uglier, Badgers upended 60-54 in Bennett’s return to Wisconsin .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has pretty much all the info you need on the Badgers’ opponent Nebraska for The Big Ten Championship game this Saturday .

I respect him taking the blame, McCarthy Admits Mistakes – And There Were Plenty .

Brian at CHTV on how Clements’ Role in Offensive Gameplan Under Scrutiny .

The Book of Gormon takes a look at the Best FA Starting Pitcher Options .

Brewer Nation’s Hot Store Report, Non-Tender Deadline Looms .

Um… Brandon Marshall: Some NFL players use Viagra while on the field .

I unfortunately have a few of these on my teams,  Fantasy Football Positions You Didn’t Know You Drafte d.

And it’s not a basketball team: Nothing To See Here, Just A High School Team Scoring On A Bounce Pass Trick Play .

This is actually pretty cool to browse through, A Definitive Gallery Of Your Favorite City’s Sports Team Logos Combined .

Be a nice little something for the den, it’s an upright too so take up less space, “Casablanca” Piano Expected to Fetch $1.2 Million at Auction .

Sure will be seeing a lot of these ‘best of’ lists as we head into Decemember, The 20 Awesomest Memes of 2012 .

How many of these 7 Lies We Have To Stop Telling Our Friends have you ever used?

That Time of Year Again – With the MLB Winter Meetings set to start this coming Monday, the Hot Stove League will start to get going in earnest. For baseball fans, it’s this time of the year that helps us get through the Winter months as we speculate, wait & wish to see if our team will make splash by picking up a top tier or even medium tier free agent. If you’re a Brewers fan & I would think the majority (but not all) of you reading this most likely are, we’ll be getting the full court press on Josh Hamilton rumors. No matter what Buster Olney or John Heyman say I just do not see any way that Hamilton is a Brewer next year.  Besides the financial aspects there’s the need aspect.  We all know the Brewers need two things, which is bullpen & starting pitchers.  Yes, a left handed power hitter in the line-up would be nice but it’s not as nice as a couple solid relievers/set-up men & a starting pitcher.  Of course no one saw Melvin dealing for Marcum & Greinke so who knows what may happen. All I do know is it’ll be fun to sit back & watch it unfold, however it may.

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