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Corissa Furr

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Making The Comparison To Last Year – Last year in the Big Ten Championship game the Badgers took on a Michigan State team which beat them in the regular season. This year the Badgers will take on a Nebraska team that beat them in the regular season. We know what happened last year so can it happen again this year? The 2012 Badgers are most definitely not the 2011 version.  I won’t go into the topic of whether or not the Badgers ‘deserve’ to be in this game because it’s a moot point, they’re here so are going to play.  In the regular season game with Nebraska, Wisconsin played well against the Cornhuskers at Lincoln. Everyone will consider the Badgers the underdogs in this game and rightfully so. That being said, the Badgers are capable of winning this game & advancing on to their third straight Rose Bowl.  The Badgers defense will have to be next to perfect & the offense, as well as how coordinator Matt Canada calls the game, will need to be better than what we’ve seen of late but a return trip to Pasadena isn’t out of the question if those things happen.

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  • Beep

    I’m willing to bet that many of the Wisconsin faithful do not make the trip to Indy after we lost our way into this game. But I’m also willing to bet that Bucky pulls and upset over the Huskers because that’s how Bielema rolls–consistently underperforming to elite standards, but always exceeding reasonable standards when compared to most other Big Ten schools.

  • Glenn Sparks

    Beating a team twice in one year has proven to be very hard for many teams so history has recorded. Wisconsin deserves to be in the championship game, (They are not cheaters) like Ohio State! Should be a great game. Go Big Red! Can’t wait to tailgate with all of you! Play like champions today, but always enjoy the journey.