The Wisconsin Badgers lost their second game in a row to Penn State yesterday. That in and of itself was somewhat galling, but what was even more so to me were the preponderance of fans still raving about being in the Big Ten (12) title game and anticipating an easy win. That was even worse than the media love being heaped on Penn State. (Clown school, bro.) And the fact that the ESPN announcer kept saying Danny O’Brien was in at quarterback. He played a lot better yesterday than he has at any other time this season, if that was the case.

Let’s face it, kids. This Badger team has some serious issues. Yes, they played both Penn State and Ohio State closely with – and let’s not forget this, doom and gloomers – the third string quarterback. Curt Phillips, while he’s struggled, seemed to have improved yesterday over the previous week. Montee (tay?) Ball has had a good, now record setting, season after initially making me question his decision to return to college play. The offensive line has improved since (and not because of, in my opinion) the firing of Mike Markuson early in the season. The defense has played pretty well overall – the primary reason the Badgers are even poised to be in the championship game. If Stave had remained healthy, I would be far more optimistic about this team’s chances in both the Championship Game as well as in the eventual Rose Bowl.

As it is, I am extremely apprehensive about their chances to win the Championship game against Nebraska, who isn’t all that great either, despite their record. I realize the Badgers knew they did not need to win either of the last two games because they were in the Championship already, but even I know college teams don’t usually operate like pro teams and look at the long term instead of the short term. Even the revenge factor, given the Badgers’ close loss to Nebraska earlier in the season doesn’t give me much reason for hope. Top that with Jared Abbrederis suffering another ‘head injury’ (or as Mike McCarthy would say, ‘Jared has a head’) and things look pretty dim. If Wisconsin does win, and make it to the Rose Bowl, while I will wear my beloved Bucky Badger t-shirt and cheer lustily, their chances of winning against whoever they are matched up with are about as good as the proverbial snowball in hell. But the results will probably be a big black eye on the conference, which really isn’t what anyone wants.

I hope I’m wrong. But Bucky backing into December isn’t giving me a lot of reason to think otherwise.

  • Julie McLaughlin

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