This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from TV Shows I Watch.

Yvonne Strahovski – Dexter

Wasn’t much of a contest as the Badgers & Brust Destroy the Blue Hose .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has more on the game, saying Wisconsin Baptizes Presbyterian By Fire in 88-43 Win .

No late game heroics stopping Marquette yesterday as the Golden Eagles throttled Mississippi State 89-62 .

Pocket Doppler’s own Kelly & Colleen debut their new podcast, Out of the Pocket on the Packers Talk Network .

ACME Packing Company takes a look at the Packers – Giants Series History .

Jayme over at CHTV says  The Packers Need To Win Against the Giants .

Brew Hoop with the Bucks bracing for LeBron and Heat, Carmelo and Knicks plus rowdy Bulls fans .

Disciples of Uecker on how the 2009 Draft starting to show returns in Brewers 40-man picks .

This looks fun, NCAA Conference Realignment: The Board Game!

Here are some Thanksgiving Flowcharts to help you out tomorrow.

And to be of more assistance here is A drinking game to help you make it through Thanksgiving .

Pretty much everyone of these is a quality selection, 25 Awesome Music Moments in Movie History .

I know some people who would like these, Sippy Cups For Wine .

Dog owners will entirely understand this, The Science Of Dogs .

Sticking With My Original Thought – After a gritty, at times uninspiring, win over the Lions I thought to take a look at what’s left on the schedule.  The first thing that jumps out at you is all the divisional games, which seems a bit odd they’re all lumped in there at the end, with only this weekend’s game in New York and a home game against the Titans being the non-divisional games.  Out of these remaining games, the only two that really give me pause are the Giants & the Bears, both road games.  Sitting at 7-3 right now, I can see the Packers dropping either one of those, but I don’t think both (especially after seeing the Bears get it handed to them on MNF).  Pretty sure I called my shot at 12-4 for the season & I’ll stick by that.  They’ll still be one more loss, I’m thinking the Giants this weekend, but feel the rest of the games are all winnable with the Packers finishing at 12-4 & winning the NFC North division. Mark it zero.

Programming Notes: The Daybreak Doppler will be taking off for Thanksgiving tomorrow & Friday as well.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and are able to spend if with friends & family.  Looking forward to this weekend’s Badgers game where I expect to see Montee Ball become the NCAA all time touchdown leader as well as the Packers game against the Giants on Sunday. That game will be a good test for the Packers & even though I called for a loss above I’ll be hoping I’m wrong about that.  Enjoy the turkey & football tomorrow and we’ll see you back here next Monday morning.

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  • Beep

    As corny as it is to say, I’m thankful for Daybreak Doppler to start my day. Keep it up Wally! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Wally

      Thanks, appreciate it & a Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours as well.