This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women from TV Shows I Watch.

Anna Torv – Fringe

The Bucks dropped one to the Bobcats last night, 102-98 .

Marquette was in action yesterday afternoon but Foul trouble, lack of stops doom Marquette late .

Cracked Sidewalks has more on that game: Explosions by Blue (21.7% Value Add) and Cadougan (14.3%) offset by poor inside defense, last second shot by Butler ,

ACME Packing Company on why The Packers Are Going To Miss Bryan Bulaga .

CHTV with a Statistical Look from PFF at Packers vs. Lions .

Madtown Badgers on What does Big Ten expansion mean for Badgers?

Brewer Nation has a Hot Stove Report: On The Move?

The latest edition of NFL QBs On Facebook .

In case you’ve ever wondered, The History of Football on Thanksgiving (And…Why Do We Always Have to Watch the Lions?) .

Sad, but funny, How bad are the Chiefs? According to obit they’re now partially responsible for a man’s death .

This would be cool to see, Could Lando be a returning character in Star Wars Episode 7?

Some interesting balloons here, Amusing Vintage Photographs of Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons .

If you’re looking to end a relationship, maybe try some of these 14 More Original (And Honest) Breakup Lines .

Wonder how many people actually use this, Thanksgiving for the supremely lazy: Reviewing the $80 box of frozen, pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 10 (minus pie) from Costco .

Big Ten to 14 – It was announced yesterday that Maryland will be leaving the ACC to join the Big Ten.  It’s also assumed that Rutgers, as soon as today possibly, will be jumping from the Big East to join the Terps in the Big Ten.  Not really sure how I feel about this or even if I feel any way in particular.  The obvious reason this is happening is to allow The Big Ten Network to get its foot in the door of DC & New York television markets.  Another interesting aspect of this is how does this perhaps affect Marquette, still a member of a Big East conference is losing schools left and right.  If it’s true, and by all accounts it would appear to be, Rutgers leaving the Big East is just one more less team there will be in a conference that seems to be leaking like sieve. My guess is Marquette has to be looking at the landscape & trying to figure out where their next move may be as well because before too long, there may not even be a Big East Conference to play in.

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