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I don’t even want to know what my pulse or blood pressure is at this point. But a win is a win. And a divisional win is even better. Step back from the cliff, everyone. You don’t need style points in football. You just need the style points to tip you over into the win column. You just need to have the most points on the board when that final whistle blows. And if Joe Buck has to begrudgingly admit that the Packers won, then the win is even sweeter.

  • Everyone get off Crosby’s back. What’s the alternative–go find some talent that wasn’t good enough to make a team last August? Like that is a better option. I’m going to point out the painfully obvious. Mason Crosby won the game. Sure, Rodgers had one beauteous throw to Cobb to tie the game. But had Mason Crosby completed crumpled and not made that PAT, we very well may have been looking at a different ending to the game.
  • That said, how can someone call one’s self a Packer fan and lob a death threat toward a player? Seriously, go bandwagon for another team. We have no room for your ilk here.
  • Loved seeing Jennings trying to cheer Crosby up. Yes, it was goofy and I’m sure Crosby just wanted Greg to go away. But that is what teams do. They don’t leave someone in the dust. They raise up the weakest Because if you don’t tend to your weakest link, then entire chain is weak.
  • That said, I’m glad Mason finished the game with a Field Goal, not that it made a huge difference. But it goes a long way to help mend shattered confidence.
  • Bulaga may have been having a trying season, but his presence was definitely missed on the field. Hopefully EDS settles into a good rhythm sooner than later.
  • So Rodgers didn’t have good game. No, it wasn’t MVP caliber. But at least he didn’t throw 5 interceptions today. Can’t say the same for the guy the press was about to coronate as the next league MVP
  • Can we all agree that an unnecessary media circus does not help with focus in any way?  That said, did Morley Safer egg Rodgers’ house this week?
  • So good to see Finley play an integral role again. No, I don’t like his histrionics. And he needs to realize that everyone not on Twitter has no idea what he is spelling. But he was clutch today when everything was falling apart. And he’s the only one that was beefy enough to claw his way down the field and into the end zone. With all of his drops this year, perhaps secondaries forgot how strong and big Finley truly is.
  • Hopefully this goes to reestablish that lost chemistry that he keeps bemoaning.
  • Randall Cobb continues to prove he is the future of the receiving corps. Did anyone out there think he was going to miss that go-ahead touchdown in the last two minutes? He is the very definition of clutch.
  • But mother of god, Cobb, think about taking a knee in the end zone from time to time. Some times that Baby Jesus telling you to run it out proves he doesn’t know jack squat about football.
  • MD Jennings gets some karmic payback. Golden Tate can still suck it. What a beautiful INT.
  • Casey Hayward is no slouch either.
  • That said, what happened to Tramon Williams. Seriously, man, if you are going to talk trash and declare yourself the Optimus Prime to Calvin Johnson’s Megatron, you had best walk your talk. Until then, it’s probably prudent to zip the mouth.
  • Brad Jones continues to show some promise.
  • Holy man, when will Matthews be back?
  • Please don’t tell me Raji limping off the field at the end of the game is a portent of evil.
  • Jarrett Bush proves again why he is such an ace in the hole. His special teams play was nothing short of perfect today.
  • Think it is time to pin McCarthy and Rodgers down in the locker room and shave their nasty cop ‘staches off. They are clearing messing with the mojo. Thankfully Movember is nearly over. Hey, Aaron, we know you want to promote cancer awareness, but I can I mail you a Bic, a donation to the MACC fund and we all pretend you still have your nasty mustache?
  • Look, here’s the deal. It was an ugly game. Things did not go well. But the Packers weren’t as mediocre that the needed to head to overtime with a basement dwelling team unlike the Texans and Dallas today. It was a division game. They are never pretty. And in those games, often the last team that scores is the one who comes away with the victory. Don’t act like you are surprised.

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  • Kyle

    Nate Kaeding, the second most accurate FG kicker of all time, is a free agent. You are falsely implying that there are absolutely no good kickers available.

    Having a kicker you can’t count on is extremely detrimental down the stretch and will cost a team games. At least bring in someone to light a fire under him, cause 11/18 (61%, worst of all starting kickers) isn’t going to cut it.

  • Colleen


  • Anita

    What is Kaeding’s story? If he’s he second most accurate kicker of all time, why isn’t he on a roster somewhere? Was he also losing his confidence? Wouldn’t he be a little “cold” right now?

    Death threats? Seriously. Come back form the ledges. We fucking won.

    Matty Ice? MVP? Yeah. Whatever. Ba-hahahahahaha!

    • Mark

      Torn ACL in 2011 and groin injury this season

      • Mark

        also 8 of 15 in the playoffs (53.3%)

        • Kyle

          Passed his physical and should be good to go, 3 of his playoff misses came in the same game. Neil Rackers available too, not suggesting it needs to be Kaeding. Just saying that if the Packers try to ‘wait out’ this slump, it could result in a loss or two down the stretch.