This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NBA WAGs.

Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat)

The Badgers Catch Case of Murphy’s Law in 1st Loss , dropping one to Florida 74-56.

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Speaking of secessionists, Jon Stewart Would Like To Remind You That The CEO Of Papa John’s And Secession Movement Folk Are Awful .

Tainted Love – The MLB MVP Awards will be handed out later today & once again Ryan Braun has been nominated.  The unfortunate part is that Braun has very little chance of winning his second MVP Award in a row.  Is Braun deserving of the accolade?  Without a doubt but I think we all know he won’t get the votes based on what happened last Winter.  My question though is what can happen moving forward?  Should Braun be able to have a similar season next year to what he did this past one will the stigma of the positive drug test & consequent overturning of it, all of which should have never been made public, follow him beyond just this year?  I would like to think not being seriously considered for this year’s MVP would be enough of a ‘punishment’ but baseball writers have long memories so it’s very possible what happened could be held over Braun’s head for seasons to come. Hopefully Braun will have another great season so we can at the very least find out.

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