Chris & Dave’s 200th episode of Packers Therapy, with a special ending courtesy of Guy & Stephen from the London Cheeseheads.

Congratulations to Chris & Dave on this milestone and looking forward to the next 200.


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  • http://PocketDoppler John

    Chris & Dave – are you guys coming back online soon? We miss you out here in cyberspace. Now that the grass is starting to grow again in Atlanta, who’s going to keep me company while I mow, weed whip and “pick up” after my 4 150lb Newfoundlands?

  • Chris

    First, thanks for the good words, John. We appreciate it. Always gratifying to know that people enjoy and look forward to hearing what we do.

    Dave and I have talked about doing a show around draft time. Not sure we can pull that together given our real world schedules. But even if that doesn’t happen, we plan to return in August when the preseason games start.

    In the meantime, I wish you the best in ATL, and hope that (Mike) Sherman doesn’t blow through there and burn the city to the ground.

    • John

      Chris – thanks for the reply. I think a post draft podcast would be a great way to get your thoughts on how the Pack builds a team. You know Ted’s not attacking it any other way.

      Hope the real world is treating you and Dave well. Keep up the great work on the podcast. It really is a highlight for my week (sigh….I guess that’s a little sad really)


  • Tom W.

    Hello Chris and Dave,

    I’ve been a listener already for the past two seasons, and have just managed now to write a message to express my gratitude for your guys’ show. I enjoy it especially because I am an expat living in Germany, and I love to listen to your breakdowns of the games afterwards (not to mention that you two have great chemistry and the show is very funny/witty).

    Anyway, I know you guys are on break during the off season, but know that I am very much looking forward to your show coming back online.

    About sponsorship, have you guys ever thought of setting up a paypal donation, kinda like the independent software developers do? I would make a donation.

    Greetings from Germany. Try to stay dry in Wisconsin.

    Tom W.

  • Chris

    Thanks, Tom. We appreciate the kind words. Delighted you enjoy the podcast.

    Dave and I talked the other day and plan to bring the show back for a ninth season starting after the first preseason game in August. Hope you will be listening.

    • Tom W.

      Hey Chris, that sounds excellent. I have been casually checking your guys’ podcast feed every so often to see if you guys had any thoughts on the draft. But I imagine you will cover those points when we get to the preseason. I am really excited to see what Franklin can do, and maybe Lacy too, if our line can make any space for him.

      Have a great summer, and I will be looking for y’all in August.