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Each week last season, the 3 Founding Fathers of Pocket Doppler (Wally, BigSnakeMan & Chris Richards), Senior Angel Colleen and favored stepson Rich would square off in picking the winner of the Packers, Sunday night & MNF games in an attempt to prove their football acumen and entertain. We’re going to make another valiant attempt at it this year. Unfortunately Chris had to bow out for this season (or happily escaped, take your pick) so Angel Kelly has joined the team. Like always, we’ll keep a running tally throughout the season.

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Pocket Doppler Prognosticators. Entering into Week 10 the current standings are:

Wally: 17

BigSnakeMan: 17

Colleen: 18

Kelly: 19

Rich: 16

Everyone was in agreement and aced last week’s picks, so the standings remain the same. Unless someone cheated this week (*cough* yes, someone did *cough*) to try and pull an upset, things may stay pretty status quo. Let’s see what happens!


Falcons @ Saints (make-up game) - I admit I was all set to go with the upset pick in this game because the Saints finally seem to be hitting their stride and they’re playing at home.  Plus, I figure Atlanta is about due to take their first loss on the season.  But I uncharacteristically peeked ahead and noticed that a couple of my esteemed colleagues apparently had the same ‘inspiration’.  Since I have some ground to make up in the season standings, I’m going to shamelessly backtrack and run with the chalk on this one.

Texans @ Bears – I hate to say it, but I’m afraid it’s finally time to acknowledge that the Chicago Bears may, in fact, be good.  Well, half of them anyway.  The Bears have turned an old adage upside down in that their best offense is a great defense.  For Packer fans, this game should be a fresh barometer of how they stack up against Chicago as Green Bay scored a decisive victory in Houston, similarly to how they handled the Bears early in the year.  While I would like to see the Texans help the Packers close the gap on the NFC North Division leaders, I don’t think they’re strong enough to come out of Soldier Field with a win.

Chiefs @ Steelers - Yet another riveting Monday night matchup; ESPN should get a rebate on their rights fees from the NFL just for having to televise this abomination.  (It’s almost enough to make me long for the return of the presidential debates…..almost.)  We’re already in Week 10 of the season and the Kansas City Chiefs hold the dubious honor of still not having led any minute of a game in regulation-their lone victory came in overtime.  K.C. ostensibly admitted that its deal for quarterback Matt Cassel was a mistake, turning the reins over to backup Brady Quinn only to see Quinn get hurt.  Of course, Quinn’s not exactly savior material either.  His most notable pro distinction remains being A.J. Hawk’s brother-in-law.  Meanwhile, Pittsburgh will be coming into this game as the winners of 3 consecutive games.  I can’t foresee any circumstance that will prevent them from making it 4 straight.

BigSnakeMan’s Picks:  Falcons, Bears & Steelers


Falcons @ Saints (make up game) – Last week I picked the Falcons to enter this game still in the unbeaten column & that worked out OK for me. I think the time is nigh though for the Falcons to drop one here & that’s will what will happen in the Superdome come Sunday. The Saints defense can’t stop the Falcons’ offense but I think the Drew Brees & company will ultimately put more points on the board, handing Atlanta its first loss of the season.

Texans @ Bears – This has the makings of a really good game, both teams with only one loss & both having stellar defenses. Even though its at Soldier Field, I’m going with the road dog here. My reasoning is based off of film study, keen observations & knowing the nuances of both teams. Oh who am I kidding, my pick is based on I dislike the Bears & I want to see JJ Watt put Cutler on the ground about a half-dozen times.

Chiefs @ Steelers – Why is Kansas City even making this trip? I mean really, there’s just no possible way they win this game, I’m questioning whether or not they can even put up points that don’t come from field goals. So yeah, going with the Steelers here, you’d have be brain damaged not to.

Wally’s Picks: Saints, Texans & Steelers


Falcons @ Saints (make up game) – Here the deal. I don’t respect the Falcons. Perfect season? What, is this Oppositeland? I mean, these are the Falcons we’re talking about. You remember, their milquetoast QB Matty Sno-Melt? Yeah, I thought so. Yes, they have Julio (Roll Tide!) Jones and he is scoring me oh so many points in fantasy football, I don’t see them maintaining momentum down the home stretch. Meanwhile I really don’t like the cheaterpants Saints. But they are fading into the middle of pack. Since Vilma has been reinstated, does this mean they will be also reinstating their Cash for Concussions bounty program. Anyhow, now that I’ve vented my spleen about two teams I don’t care about, it’s about time someone brings the Falcons back down to earth and they remember who they really are.

Texans @ Bears – Jay, can I call you Jay? I’d like to introduce you to a fellow alum. Mr. Cutler, I’d like you to meet Mr. Watt. He can leap tall buildings and crush puny quarterbacks with his bare hands. Jay should be prepared to assume the usual position: pouting on the sideline after getting his clock cleaned, not that there is anything

wrong with that.

Chiefs @ Steelers – The Steelers remain a perpetual favorite of mine. And aside from the Chiefs performing the perfect trap game last year and ending the Packer’s perfect streak, they haven’t done a whole lot of diddly in between. Is anyone actually a Chiefs fan. Even the Great Googly Moogly Snickers guy seemed to have contempt for the team.

Kelly’s Picks: Saints, Texans & Steelers


Falcons @ Saints (make up game) – This will be an intriguing matchup. Of course, the Falcons are still undefeated, but the Saints are at home and are starting to look pretty good again. Free Sean Payton indeed. (To tell the truth, I fully suspect that somehow he’s running things from behind a big curtain somewhere. Because he cheats like that.) I think the Falcons will show up, but I don’t believe they will be a match for the Saints. (That said, since BigSnakeMan has admitted he peeked at our picks before making his, I may reserve the right to change my mind.)

Texans @ Bears – I just want JJ Watt to earn more momentum towards being named DPOY. (Note, I don’t want him to WIN DPOY, just make his case again this week.) Please lay Cutler down flat, JJ. Often. Do the belt. It’s fine. Just don’t EVER do it against the Packers again, you ungrateful….never mind. Plus, The Bears Still Suck.

Chiefs @ Steelers – BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. *wipes eyes* Yeah.

Colleen’s Picks: Saints, Texans & Steelers.


Falcons @ Saints (make up game) – I tend to stray from using the words “I” or “me” when writing blog posts, as I feel like readers don’t care to hear about the my experience with sports but would rather identify with a story pertinent to all different personalities and preferences. Today, however, is going be an exception. I desperately want Atlanta to not only win this game, but I want them to finish the season undefeated. I want them to cruise into the playoffs riding high. I want them to have home field advantage, and I want every expert, analyst, and jack-job with an ESPN nametag to pick the Falcons as the franchise who will bring home Vince’s trophy. This, I want very badly…because, whether you choose to accept this fact or not, Aaron Rodgers is a dome quarterback. He thrives in windless, sunny weather, and he shreds defenses on turf like he’s Wilde politics-tweeting (#SlapChop). Lambeau Field may be too historic to ruin with a dome ceiling, but you’re fooling yourself if you think home field advantage throughout December and January is an actual advantage. It’s not. The Packers are at their best when the offense can fly, and fly they did two years ago in Atlanta. When they roll into town this postseason, facing the fresh-faced Falcons off of a bye, it’s going to be a massacre.

Can’t wait.

Texans @ Bears – Every pundit praising the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler needs to be slapped across the face. Good quarterbacks do not throw for 200 yards and three TDs, with 175 of those yards and each TD going to the same wide receiver (Brandon Marshall) and/or running back (Matt Forte). This, right here, is why when Jay Cutler fails—he fails miserably. Remember when Green Bay went into Soldier Field and walked away with Chicago’s lone loss of the season? It’s because Mr. Marshall was swallowed whole by Tramon Williams. Any team that can eliminate their one offensive threat can make Jay Cutler nothing more than a reincarnation of Jake Delhomme. Houston knows this, and Houston will exploit this come Sunday evening on NBC (by the way, NBC, signing Dan Patrick to a radio deal was the best decision you have ever made). JJ Watt, who I like to refer to as Crazy Beast Monster (thank you Dan Lebatard), is going to tear our Cutler’s jugular…or maybe just sack him kind of hard.

Chiefs @ Steelers – I don’t endorse sports-related suicide, but if one team were to drive me to drink the kool aid—it would be the Chiefs.

Rich’s picks: Falcons, Texans & Steelers


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