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Let’s see what we have here – The Packers enter the bye week at 6-3, winners of the past four in an row.  For obvious reasons, this bye week comes at a perfect time with so many starters out with injury.  Actually, these last two weeks worked too as Green Bay has some inferior opponents to play against, allowing them to rest those injured players & still come out on top.  Of course, on offense people like Randall Cobb, James Jones & even Tom Crabtree stepped up so just imagine what it’ll be like once Nelson & Jennings do return. The Packers will start back up on the road with Lions the weekend after next, then the Giants & then back home for the Vikings.  Out of those three games I can see the Packers going 2 for 3, dropping the game against the Giants I’m thinking. Out of the remaining games for the season, it’s that Giants game & then the one at Soldier Field that worry me the most.  Luckily, the bye comes at a good time so once those two matches roll around he’ll hopefully have a more complete team, at least roster-wise.

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