This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Recent/Current Reality TV.

Brittany Fletcher – Reality show: The Amazing Race

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Paint Touches on Going pro: Ranking the MUBB roster on NBA potential .

Disciples of Uecker is Going Crazy with Replacement Pitchers .

A lot of people would put Packers-Bears over Vikings, but I’m fine with it, Top 3 NFL Rivalries: Giants-Cowboys, Ravens-Steelers, Packers-Vikings .

Keeping it close, Pro Athletes Who Played For Their Hometown Teams .

Famous people are idiots too! Inappropriate Celeb Tweets About Hurricane Sandy .

It’s hard to come to terms with some of these, A Collection Of Incredibly Real Hurricane Sandy Photos People Are Currently Looking At .

And here are some of the fake photos that many people saw, and believed, during Sandy .

I could actually see #4 happening to Kyle Cousineau, because you know, it just would: 15 Text Messages You Wish You’d Get .

Never Happen – The NFL trade deadline has nowhere near the activity of the MLB one.  In the MLB, speculation runs rampant, players move around a lot & a ton of hope is often placed on what could be should your team make that blockbuster move.  That just doesn’t happen in the NFL…unless you’re a Packers fan & you’re drooling over the possibility of Steven Jackson or DeAngelo Williams joining the Packers via a midseason trade.  It’s fun to play the ‘what if’ game but deep down we all have to know that Thompson will never pull the trigger on either one of those guys.  For reasons explained by more intelligent people than I, whether it’s age, wear & tear (Jackson) or the financial ramifications (Williams) getting either one of those running backs doesn’t make any sense.  The Packers running game is serviceable for the time being & the team is a pass first group anyway, that’s not going to change anytime soon.  Feel free to hope & dream of a trade going down, but know that come the passing of the trade deadline it just won’t happen.

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