This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Visually Impaired.

Olivia Munn

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Thought I Would Have Done This Before – Was thinking, or better said, trying to think of what to fill this space with today and was entirely coming up blank. Usually I’ll be able to latch on to something & come up with a plausible if not logical paragraph on something related to Wisconsin sports.  Just not happening today it would seem. So when in doubt, create a list!! So without further ado, presenting my favorite Top 5 Sports Movies of all time.

  1. Field of Dreams – Not even a close here for me, can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen this yet every time it comes on I’m still drawn in.
  2. Hoosiers – Gene Hackman is brilliant in this, that and I always root for the underdog/small school…unless they’re playing Wisconsin.
  3. Rocky – Remember back in the day before cable living up in Phillips with only 4 channels watching this with my Dad. Also, how can you not get excited listening to the opening horn section of ‘Gonna Fly Now’.
  4. Rudy – A great underdog story (see above), Sean Astin before he became typecast as a Hobbit.
  5. Tin Cup – Just fun to watch & so, so quotable while on the course yourself.

Feel free to comment on my selections or leave your own below.

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    I remember being in the theater watching Rocky and people were screaming and cheering out loud. Only time I’ve ever had that experience. It was fantastic.