This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Visually Impaired.

Demi Lovato

The news out of 1265 yesterday wasn’t good as Charles Woodson will be out 6 weeks with a broken collarbone, Lombardi Ave tell us Why Charles Woodson will be missed .

CD at CHTV on how Mason Crosby’s Par-5 Kicks Need Adjustments .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has notes from Bret Bielema’s Week 9 Press Conference: Prepping for Michigan State .

Madtown Badgers goes Behind The Badgers Jersey Numbers: #21 Days, Josh Gasser .

The Bucks’ stumbled again last night as Toronto sends Milwaukee to 4th-straight preseason loss .

Paint Touches on JaJuan Johnson: Breaking down his choices .

Disciples of Uecker with the results of their annual Brewers bloggers awards .

Wow, just wow… A Crazy Person Has Been Harassing Erin Andrews On Twitter For A Week .

This week’s edition of NFL QBs ON FACEBOOK: WEEK 7 “ENTER THE ROGER” .

This I have to see, Stephen Colbert To Cameo In “The Hobbit” .

Hmmm, yeah, I’m guilty of a few of these Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Your Phone .

This is pretty cool to watch, And That’s Why You Never Drive Through A Civil War Reenactment: Cannonball Destroying Car In Slow Motion .

Think we could all use someone like this from time to time: Blogger Hires Person to Smack Him When He Procrastinates at Work .

Here’s some advice on How to Get People to Come to Your Party .

Step It Up Rook – With the news of Charles Woodson being out 6 weeks with a broken collar bone somehow suffered during the Rams game (I admit it, didn’t see it at all) it’s time for Jerron McMillian to start learning on the job most likely this weekend.  True, M.D. Jennings is available to at the safety position and is in his second year but I’ve liked what I’ve seen out of McMillian more than Jennings so far this season.  Let’s also be honest here, as much as Woodson’s leadership on the field will be missed, he’s seemed a step behind this year.  This is a chance for McMillian to get in there and prove he’s the legitimate heir apparent to start opposite Burnett, perhaps a little sooner than anyone expected. There will be some lapses no doubt, he is a rookie, but I think McMillian is more than capable & I’m excited to see what he can do should he get the starting role.

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