This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Miscellaneous Models.

Jena Sims

Zach at CHTV on how Aaron Rodgers piles on the praise for Randall Cobb .

All Green Bay Packers with their Packers Stock Report: Enron to Apple Edition .

Looking forward to the weekend ACME Packing Company has the Packers-Rams Series History .

Badger of Honor says Bret Bielema’s “Panic Moves” Now Look Like Genius Decisions .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter has all the details on this weekend’s Badgers game vs the Gophers .

Brew Hoop reviews last night’s Bucks’ preseason loss to the Bulls .

Disciples of Uecker on the Brewers’ Unexpected Aces .

The Sports Bank and their Big Ten Mid-Season Review .

These just keep getting better and better, NFL QB’s on Facebook: The Manning/Rivers Aftermath .

At least it’s not a group that will need oxygen or a cane to preform, Beyoncé’s Playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

In case you’re still looking for ideas, The 20 Best Halloween Costumes for 2012 .

Speaking of Halloween, here are 12 Totally Cheesy Halloween Pickup Lines .

Been around longer than anyone thought, The Origin of Gangnam Style?

This will be awesome, Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Are Hosting The Golden Globes Together .

Sorry About That – Obviously some troubles here in Pocket Doppler Land the past few days but we’re back to clear sailing now.  All apologies to the dozens of you that visit regularly & glad we can final put all that behind us now.  Thank you to the guys on my ‘real work’ team, as they spent a fair amount of time & energy sorting all this out and staying on it till the situation was put to bed.  On the bright side, the site’s in a brand new shiny home and we’re back in action from here on out. In any case, as they say, now back to our normally scheduled programming.

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  • http://Huh? Tony

    I start every morning looking at your website. It got a little crazy the past 2 days with no WI sports. Thanks for getting online again. Without you I just had ESPN first take, and frankly, too much Bayless backs me up, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

    Nome, Alaska

    • Wally

      Hey Tony – thanks for the message & your patience! Appreciate you reading!


  • Mente

    Welcome back. Was a bit worried there