This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MLB Playoff WAGs.

Kate Upton (Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers)

A growing sentiment here, Point of Veau: The Breaking Point for Finley Has Arrived .

ACME Packing Company on how The Packers aren’t running the ball, and it shows .

Lombardi Ave asks Will losses of Raji, Jennings and Finley really hurt?

Badger of Honor and a Wisconsin at Purdue Preview: Five Big Questions .

Brew Hoop with a 2012 Player Capsules on newcomer Samuel Dalembert .

Paint Touches with Marquette’s most valuable: 7-1 .

Brew Crew Ball wonders Were Aramis Ramirez’s 50 Doubles Overrated?

The Sports Bank on why Mike Trout Should Win the 2012 AL MVP .

Here what you’d see If Athlete Ads Were Honest .

Sound advice, Lawrence Taylor advises Tebow on ‘Inside the NFL’: ‘Find a nice girl and get laid’ .

Who needs political correctness… 11 Mind Blowing (and Often Offensive) High School Mascots .

Obviously this didn’t happen in Northern Wisconsin, Man gets kicked out of bar for having mullet .

Nothing says Halloween more to me than something like this, The NFLPA Will Sell You A Player’s Face For Halloween .

Who would even think of this? and why? Do Not Want: STD Cupcakes .

Washout Weekend – Looking like we’ll be staring at two rainy days ahead, at least in a good part of Wisconsin, so it seems to me the perfect excuse to just plant yourself in your favorite chair & tune into college football all Saturday & then the NFL on Sunday.  OK, I suppose this may have happened anyway but now with 50% less guilt of not doing outside work!  Relatively big game for the Badgers as they take on Purdue.  Those two teams, thanks to Ohio State & Penn State being ineligible, are really the only two which have a shot of winning the Leaders Division so this game should decide who represents in the Big Ten Championship game. We’ll have to wait till Sunday evening for the Packers to play, a game I have no small amount of trepidation about. I have more thoughts on the game but you’ll have to wait till this afternoon’s Pocket Doppler Prognosticators but here’s a hint: I did something with my pick I think I have only done 2 other times in the three years of that column.

That’s a wrap for this week. Try and stay warm & dry this weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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