This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MLB Playoff WAGs.

Joanna Garcia (Nick Swisher, NY Yankees)

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Didn’t Need That – Last night news broke that Cedric Benson’s injury to his ankle was a tad bit more serious than expected, to the tune of being out eight weeks.  This obviously isn’t good news for the Packers or Benson.  Benson was  just beginning to hit his stride, finally fully comfortable in an offense he had a fair amount of catching up to do in.  So what now?  Alex Green showed a flash or two this past Sunday & James Starks’ turf toe injury is supposedly healed.  What we’ll see is a mix of those two, with a little Brandon Saine for good measure.  Will that trio be able to continue the running game that was beginning to develop with Benson in the mix?  If you know the answer you’re smarter than me or perhaps just clairvoyant but I’m a little hesitant no matter what.  We’ll see coming up this Sunday night against a still undefeated Houston Texans.

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