What a difference a week makes.

A week ago, after a win over the Saints, I was encouraged the Packers were on the right path, if not back to themselves. The Saints are not a bad football team, much as I loathe them, and the Packers for the most part were firing on all cylinders. We’re over the hump, I thought, and we can face the rest of the season and succeed.

Oh, and then. I think the Packers caught whatever virus I did during Throwback Weekend and we all regressed. Actually, they didn’t catch it until halftime of the Colts game but by the end of the game, they were as mentally curled up in a coughing heap on their imaginary couch as I was physically on my real one.

What was happening? Why? Why was I watching this horror? What does it all mean, St. Vincent? Mike McCarthy saying there are ‘things to fix’ isn’t going to cut it this time. ‘Pad level’ and ‘fundamentals’ don’t explain this team.

Sometimes, as the song says, bad is bad. Sometimes the things you love the most, in this case the Packers, are not good. Yes, I said it. The Packers are not a good team right now. Do they have talent? Yes. Do they have the ability to turn it around and be a good football team? Yes. Will they? I don’t know. At this point, I am not confident. The team I saw freefall Sunday afternoon lacked a certain confidence and lacked enthusiasm, a few bright flashes aside. QB1 is off, for reasons best known only to himself. I think Joe Philbin is missed. My own dear MM wore a state of confusion on his face that made Mike Silver’s ‘WTF’ look positively dim in comparison. It was almost like he was thinking ‘I had such a good thing going here, why is it falling apart?’ (Maybe that was because he had ‘a groin’ by the end of the game. The Colts were playing so dirty they tried to take the coach out.)

Coach, it’s time to figure out what’s happening. It’s time to look at the game plan you set up carefully and decide what goes and what stays. How to right the leaky parts of the ship while maintaining those parts that are still functioning well (CM3, Walden and our Ginger Wolverine spring to mind) and get prepared to turn this ship around before it really does become the Titanic. I would suggest sticking with the damned run game even if CedBen goes out for a start.

Aaron and co – it’s time to figure out what’s happening. It’s time to take accountability, work hard and do your best to fix things. This isn’t all on the coaching staff or game plan. It is also on you for your appalling lack of consistent play.

You can do it, guys. But first you have to accept that sometimes bad is bad. Take a hard look at yourself, it’s something we all have to do now and then, even you. Get to work fixing this, okay?

PS – I still love the Packers. I am tired of hearing that either a) you can’t criticize the team and be a fan or b) if you see puppies and rainbows, you’re not a real fan. Stop it, Packer Nation. Just stop it. Side rant over.


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