I’m going to preface this by the fact that I was already crabby heading into the game. Nothing like calling credit card companies minutes before kickoff because some unscrupulous jerk that got a five finger discount with my wallet this morning. Seriously, no love. That said, things have not improved since then. Wow, I thought we were over the whole trap game thing and was I sadly disappointed. But this has been a weakness of the Packers for years: playing down to the lesser team.

  • Let’s start with what was good? James Jones. And that was about it. Enough with the whole Let’s trade him for a 4th round pick . He is the only one that is consistently putting the team on his back. End of story.
  • But Alex Green showed some promise. Not sure if his talent offsets how the rest of the offense played like a limb was hacked off when Benson went down.
  • Someone please tell me Benson is not an injury magnet because that would just be icing on the cake.
  • No, Finely can’t catch a ball to save his life, but his absence is felt when defenders don’t feel obligated to cover him with their beefiest secondary.
  • That said, for the love of Finley, would it kill you to catch the clutch pass once in a while?
  • Someone needs to figure what is Aaron Rodgers’ Kryptonite and promptly dispose of it. I don’t care if is roommate, girlfriend, mom or entourage problems. I highly doubt he’s distracted by his dazzling endorsement deals (you guys do realize these were filmed this past summer right?) But I’ve wondered about the Invisible Gorilla phenomenon. But he’s off. Plain and simple. Not sucking dead toads through a straw bad, but there’s something up in his head space and it needs to go. Or we’re just realizing that he is human after all.
  • That said, whoever the clown in CHTV chat declared that Rodgers should be benched, have you taken a look at the alternative? Seriously, child, what planet are you from? MVP vs. dude who trips over own feet.  Honey, please.
  • Mason Crosby. yeah,  0-2 when you’re trying to win doesn’t help matters.
  • But it shouldn’t have come down to the sun rising or setting on a Crosby kick.
  • Interceptions are only interceptions if you catch them. Packers win when they overpower the other team with turnovers, not wow, they almost had it .
  • The football gods clearly hate Sam Shields. If he is in the same county as the receiver, some chowderhead will call him for the invisible defensive pass interference. What the heck, indeed.
  • Charles Woodson, I love you. Really I do. I adore your physicality. But the league is on to your antics and your treading into the interference side of the pool is something the refs will call you on all the time.
  • Zone, man, it didn’t matter. The secondary is as porous as Spongebob Square Pants.
  • Capers’ fatal flaw may be perpetuating crap. Implement, assess, adjust. Don’t just keep throwing the same crap against the wall and hope something sticks. It’s not working. He’s not making adjustments, just letting play out as same crap, different day. The baby brother predicts this will be his last season in Green Bay. If Capers continues to stumble over his own mediocrity, I can’t say I fault anyone for deciding to move on.
  • I miss Joe Philbin. That is all.
  • I’m not ready to pitch in the towel. Yes, the Packers have a hella scary opponent next week in the Texans. But just remember, people were calling for McCarthy’s head and calling it a season when the Packers were 3-3 in 2010. That year turned out okay.
  • It’s going to be a long week for fans, and even longer week for the team. It’s time to dig deep and get out of that victim head space that has been lingering over the team since the Seattle game. It’s time to decide if they want to be defined by that game or by the rest of the 15 on the schedule.
  • That said, I’m going to be over here in the corner hoping the unscrupulous bastard that stole my wallet is stuck by a dump truck while he/she is counting my fifty bucks and realizing my credit cards have already been canceled.
  • Wish me luck at the DMV on Wednesday.
  • Why does the DMV get off for Columbus Day? He never even set foot in what is now America. He lollygagged around the Caribean before heading back home. Seriously, why?

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  • Horse

    Coaching carousel? No problem. New OC? No problem. #DISCONNECT

  • Anita

    Rodgers Kryptonite is not Darla. Never Mom. Mom’s been there the whole time. The other things you mentioned are totally plausible. Can we get the older brother to move in for the rest of the season and keep said distractions away?

    • Anita

      And I also miss Joe Philbin. Since he interviewed for the Fins job, things haven’t been the same!

  • Colleen

    I miss Joe Philbin. Let’s kidnap him.