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Halle Berry – Cloud Atlas

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Aweful way to go, Oregon farmer eaten by his pigs . (h/t @AmandaRLawson )

Interesting pairing to say the least, Vanilla Ice and the Ninja Turtles Get in on the ‘Gangnam Style’ Craze .

As you wish… Princess Buttercup Totally Crushed On Wesley In Real Life .

Thanks Brewers – With last night’s game, we have another Brewers season done & gone with.  While it wasn’t the extended one we had last year, having the Brewers on TV or the radio is something I’ll miss until next Spring rolls around.  I think we can all agree in some ways it was a disappointing year, but in just as many ways there were a fair share of high spots.  We had Ryan Braun excelling under the increased scrutiny, Nori Aoki exceeding all expectations & a handful of young pitchers coming into their own in the starting rotation.  Of course, some of that was tempered by the injuries & the bullpen imploding with too much regularity but you take the bad with the good no matter the frustration.  Perhaps the best thing to take away from this season was the excitement we all experienced as the Brewers, as improbable & even unbelievable as it was, made a valiant race towards the final Wild Card spot in the NL late in the year. It showed what this team was capable of, gave us all some hope & more importantly is maybe a portent of things to come in 2013. Now that is something to look forward to for next year.

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