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First of all wasn’t the Real Refs vs Fake Refs supposed to be an upgrade? I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but when the Packers start getting several obnoxiously wrong calls going against them, you begin to wonder if this was Uncle Roger’s very passive-aggressive way of sticking it to the Packers. The NFL didn’t fine those naughty, rebellious little boys for speaking ill of the mothership, but it sure seemed like they were trying to punish the Packers in other ways. Seriously, when did pushing the defender away in the end zone become a legal play? Any how the Pack survived Revenge of the Triplett, poor ickle Drew Brees is 0-4 and the Saints managed to make it to the slab.

  • To quote an unnamed philosopher, “Another week. Another game that significantly shortened my lifespan.” Yeah, that pretty much summed this game up.
  • What throws for 446 yards and 3 TDs? A loser. Yeah, still don’t like Drew Brees.
  • I’m declaring a moratorium and any and all people kvetching about James Jones. He is why the Packers won. He is the most consistent receivers the Packers have right now. And he doesn’t hot dog after a completed pass like it was a gift from the Almighty. Seriously, anyone saying Jones is a waste of space is itching for a fight.
  • Cedric Benson continues to pleasantly surprise me. No, he’s not a top tier RB, but he’s better than a kick in the head. He is dangerous enough that defenses can’t really blow him off.  I’ll admit I was skeptical when the Packers signed him. But he’s proving the naysayers wrong.
  • The Offensive Line proved that they remembered their jobs. Protection was good today. Rodgers had plenty of time to actually think about plays in the pocket instead of searching the turf for his teeth.
  • Wish I could say the same for his eyeball. Who needs a bounty program? Take out a QB with a strategically gouged eye. Seriously, Saints, you suck.
  • One play, just keep it simple. It’s like telling your kids not to burn down the house while you run out to the garage. Sounds easy, right? What can go wrong? It’s only going to take one down to get the medical staff to find some eye drops to numbed up that scratched cornea. (And for the record, a corneal abrasion really does hurt like a mother.) But oh my god, Harrell, you’ve had one–count ‘me ONE–good game under your belt. Dad hands you the keys to the car and you promptly hit the nearest tree. Oh how you are still not ready for prime time. Sigh.
  • Meanwhile, the defense didn’t play like it was third best in the league. Gave up too many 3rd and Longs as well as a few 4th and going for it.
  • Too much cushion on that zone defense in the secondary.
  • And someone teach Shields that tackling in the big leagues is no different than Pop Warner. You wrap both arms around the other guy and drag him to the ground. None of this Ole bullcrap.
  • Meanwhile liking what I see from Matthews. Yes, the Saints managed to contain him for most of the day, but when Brees got dragged to turf, it was mighty satisfying.
  • And since Colleen is my witness, I totally called the fake punt. Something about Kuhn. We lined up in a suspicious manner.
  • Of all the AM channels I found trying to locate the SNF game on the radio for my boring drive home, came across a New Orleans station (don’t get excited, the weirdest channel I found a Polish speaking polka station today.) Oh, talk about angry butthurt down in NOLA.
  • It was an ugly win, but let’s not overlook the fact Rodgers threw for 3 TDs and 319 yards. Not too shabby considering he did part of it with one eye.
  • Still don’t like the Saints.
  • Bring on the Throatbeard from Indy next week!

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  • Anita

    Yup. I have no witnesses to the fact, because I was in a different room from everyone else at the time, but I was totally staring at Kuhn’s ass in that punt formation (and it wasn’t because it was a nice ass to stare at). Something gave me pause. But I thought, “Nahhh. Too deep in ‘Aints territory. We don’t have the balls.”


  • Suez

    Don’t forget that utterly lame call on the “fumble” that couldn’t be reversed. Total and utter BS.

    • Anita

      I almost feel as if Roger Goodell had a meeting with head referee Jeff Triplette and his crew before the game and said, “Look, we know we screwed up last week, but you CANNOT make it look like you’re giving Green Bay a free ride because of it. Be hard on them. No ‘make up’ calls.” And they proceeded to go a wee bit overboard.

      At least the result was not affected. Dodged that bullet.

  • Colleen

    SHE DID CALL THE FAKE PUNT. It was amazing.