This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is New Fall TV Shows.

Rachael Taylor – 666 Park Avenue

Where have we seen this before, Brewers lose in 9th to Reds, 2-1 .

The Book of Gorman has more on the game, Brewers lose Peralta and game, season dwindling .

Disciples of Uecker on The Value of Veteran Presence .

ACME Packing Company and the Saints vs. Packers Key Match Up #1: Cameron Jordan vs. Bryan Bulaga .

Yeah, thanks for nothing Roger… Roger Goodell Spoke Today-And We’re All a Little Dumber .

Madtown Badgers has 5 Things to Watch for Against Nebraska .

Only a matter of time, Forget “Gangnam Style.” It’s “Badger Style.”

Anonymous Eagle on how The Michael Hunt Era Has Not Started Out Well .

This is beautiful, Just Before It Ended, The Referee Lockout Somehow Led To Patrick Stewart Being On The Daily Show .

Never been so happy to see Ed flexing, Guns N’ Poses: Ed Hochuli celebrates lockout’s end with Hochulian bravado .

Here are some Trade Targets in Fantasy Football to mull over.

We hardly knew ye, ‘NFL Replacement Refs – In Memoriam,’ A Loving Tribute .

I can agree with almost all of these, Predicting The Next 10 First Ballot Rock & Roll Hall Of Famers .

Taking a look at the 20 Most Important Online Videos Of All Time .

So proud of my country, Americans earn beer money faster than any other country .

And So It’s Here – The weekend a lot of us have been waiting for is finally here, Throwback Weekend II.  The month of September has become increasing busy as we prepare for this event & I’m glad to say it kicks off tomorrow. I’m pretty sure everyone reading is familiar with what I’m talking about here, but just in case, head over to to find out more.  One last invitation as well to anyone who will be in town but didn’t have a chance to pre-register, the more the merrier!

That’s about all I have for this week, I need to head out to buy brats, burger & beers soon for the TBW Tailgate on Sunday.  Hope you all have just a terrific weekend, know I’ll get the chance to see most of you at some point & we’ll hopefully meet back her Monday morning.

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    Hey guys really like the blog! Alotta good stuff here. Especially like the Byran Bulaga article Check this out.