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About Time – So the good news that the NFL & referees’ union have finally stuck a deal is welcome news indeed. Of course, as Packers fans we’ll all still bemoan the fact it took our team getting the shaft for it to finally happen but as I said before there’s really nothing we can do about that.  What does irk me though about the whole thing is that the debacle never should’ve happened in the first place. This deal could’ve & should’ve been done before the season event started. I love watching NFL football, I love watching the Packers.  I am beginning to hate more and more what the NFL is becoming.  I’ve made no qualms about how I feel about the path Roger Goodell has taken on many things concerning the sport I love. I read all the talk about boycotts, online petitions & other sundry attempts that were being put out there to protest the call from Monday night.  Let’s face it folks, any and all of those things would have been useless.   The NFL is going to do what the NFL wants, no two ways around that because no matter what we’re going to watch our team.  So while I’m happy the deal was done & the real refs will be back on the field tonight for me the damage done was too great this time.  I’ll always have love & faith in my Green Bay Packers, that’s something that will never change.  After the past three weeks though, I’ll only have distrust & disdain for anything that comes out of 280 Park Avenue & the offices of the NFL.

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