Roger Goodell
Comissioner, National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Goodell,

Last night was your Waterloo.

I know you wanted your legacy to be about player safety. But any accomplishments you have achieved or will achieve during your tenure as NFL Commisioner will be eclipsed by the absolute incompetence consistently displayed by the Replacement Referees. The NFL’s shield has stood for a near century of atheletic excellence. Last nights mockery of a finish has forever tarnished that shield, and the sham of a victory will be what you are remembered for forever.

I was willing to give the Fake Refs a pass this season. Sure, they have angered me. But the Keystone Cop comedic value was previously humorous cannon fodder for the blogosphere. Last night, their incompetence and potential conflicts of interest (some have been boasting about how players were important to their personal fantasy football leagues to players they have drafted, others have declared allegiances to specific teams) determined the outcome of a game, a match that will no doubt have playoff and financial implications for both Seattle and Green Bay. Any accomplishments attained on the field of play were negated by a cadre of men who were way over their head and had absolute zero grasp of the actual rules of the National Football League.

At one time, Fake Refs throwing their hats (and even tripping players with their airborne hats)at everything were funny. It was predictable that a yellow flag would be tossed and we would all wait for them to award a person foul on a player that left the league last spring. After all, the bar was pretty low. Many of your fake refs were casts offs from the Lingerie League and fired for incompetence. If they’re not good enough for bra and panties, why would you think they would suddenly improve to maintain a standard of practice we have come to expect in the NFL?

Please explain to me how a defender can come down with the ball, with both arms firmly wrapped around it, be down by contact when he and the opponant hit the ground be called a reception for the offense? Furthermore, how can the video review affirm–and that is all it can do. Per your own rules, the review cannot determine possesion, only affirm or refute the decision on the field–a decision where one ref is signaling interception and one is signaling touchdown. There was no consensus decision on the field to review. That part seems to have been omitted last evening. In the end it was the truth, along with the proverbial baby, that was tossed out with the bathwater as the refs were clearly terrified and decided to flee the field before they could be booed.

But forget for a moment that I am a Packers fan. Let’s talk about patient safety. It’s one of your platforms that has been tossed by the wayside with the Fake Refs. Remember junior high? Remember when the retired old lady that used to teach English would get called to substitute teach algebra? Remember how she didn’t recall the first thing about math and how, on a good day, algebra got turned into a very noisy, glorified study hall? Remember the other days when a textbook would get set on fire by the dirtball in the back of the room and half the class would be chuckling uncontrollably as she called for order while the flaming book flew out the window and spiraled into the bushes below?

Yeah, that’s pretty much what you have going on with the Fake Refs now. They have no control of the situation, they don’t know the difference between their butts and a hole and the ground. And worst of all, they do not have the respect of any player out there on the field. Players are acting like toddlers, constantly testing the boundaries of what they can and cannot get away with. After all, the Fake Refs seem as seem as blind and utterly clueless as that spinster Miss Olson in algebra.

Hits are getting more dubious. Funny how it is the phantom personal fouls that seem to be the only thing that is getting called these days. Matt Schaub is lucky it was just part of his ear he lost when he took two back-to-back poundings to the cranium.

It’s only a matter of time before the naughty children in the back row decide to go full-on mayhem and someone gets hurts because they have decided they can get away with murder. Do you really want that type of blood on your hands.

I grew up next to an NFL Hall of Famer that made the NFL great twenty years before you were even born. Men like them made the league what it is. They made it great. There is a long tradition of honor and intregity in this league. I would hate for your lack of leadership to destroy this reputation. I have read that the NFL will be addressing last evening’s game sometime today. Anything short of condemnation of the absolute travesty the Fake Refs made of the game will be unacceptable and considered merely lip service.

You have the ability to restory dignity. If you do not condemn the actions of last night, you are giving your passive approval to the inept product your league is serving up week after a week on a platter. As a season ticket holder, I will be demanding a complete refund for breach of contract. I gave you money for football, and you are giving me an embarrassment instead.

Your continued silence is deafening and the inertia of your actions conveys all we need to know about your moral fibre. Man, up, Roger. Or are you comfortable with September 24, 2012 serving as your Waterloo?

Sincerely, but absolutely no love,



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