The Postgame Post Mortem officially voices its protest and extreme displeasure at the sham of an organization the Fake Referees have made of the National Football League. There is no honor in artificially awarded victories and such robberies do not deserve any commentary or analysis.

The Fake Referees have admitted allegiances to their alma maters and vested interests in their own fantasy football leagues. How can you respect a a cadre of so-called officials that have conflict of interest tempered with absolute incompetence?

In the interim I suggest that Packers fans support your local high school football teams and college alma maters. They would love your support and aren’t influenced by trained baboons wearing black and white shirts that seem to be be holding all of the cards. They are more deserving of your adoration and respect at this time. I am sure the members of the Green Bay Packers would understand that extreme times call for extreme measures.

Furthermore it is time that the commissioner hears from each and every owner of the Green Bay Packers. As owners, you have a right to let your voices be heard. Feel free to direct any and all correspondence to the following:

Roger Goodell
Commissioner, National Football League
280 Park Avenue, Suite 12
New York, New York 10017-1216
(212) 450-2000
Fax: (212) 681-7599

In the meantime, instead of giving the NFL a dime, I suggest you donate to the Green Bay Food Pantry Paul’s Pantry . That is an organization that is more deserving of your money at this point.


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