This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Selections from Maxims 2013 Hometown Hotties.

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Only Realistic Thing To Do – Sometime ago I said in the space how if the Badgers didn’t at the very least reach the Big Ten Championship Game, you would have to be disappointed in this season.  After three games, I think it’s time to temper that belief a bit. Looking at these three first games you basically see an underperforming, underwhelming team which frankly, really isn’t that good.  I said on Twitter Saturday night, I simply couldn’t believe the Badgers are actually this bad, but I may have to come to terms with it. We’ve seen a token firing of the O-line coach, our ‘prized’ transfer QB get benched & most disheartening to me a former Heisman finalist talents’ being squandered. So re-evaluating those preseason expectations I put out there, at this point for the season to be a success I would say finish above .500 at least and just get to a bowl game. Being realistic, I think it’s all we can hope for with this 2012 edition of the Badgers. I’m just hoping even these reduced expectations aren’t too high.

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