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Who’d a Thunk – I’ve been adverse to commenting on this because I didn’t want to jinx anything but the more I thought about it, there’s nothing to jinx as it’s so unexpected.  Of course I’m talking about the Brewers & their improbable run towards that last Wild Card Spot.  Like everyone else, I had pretty much given the ‘Crew up for dead in August, resigned to the fact that it just wasn’t their year & I’d enjoy the rest of the season for what it’s worth.  Then all of a sudden before you knew it, there was actually talk of the post-season starting.  I did my best to ignore it as I just figured it was really not possible or realistic.  Now?  Now I’m thinking there’s actually a chance it could happen.  Yes, the Brewers will need some help here from those teams playing the Cardinals & Dodgers in the second half of this month to surpass those two teams, no way around that.  While the Brewers can’t control any of that, they can continue to play solid, winning baseball though & give themselves the best chance to monopolize on any missteps from those in front of them.  Will I be disappointed if the Brewers don’t make the post-season after this run?  No, not really as I wasn’t expecting it. I will however be very happy if they do for the exact same reason.  Should be an interesting two weeks no matter, here’s looking forward to seeing on how it all plays out.

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