This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Packers’ Home Opponents’ Cheerleaders.

Tennessee Titans

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Bounce Back Coming – May have inadvertently touched on this yesterday, but when thinking about the loses this weekend by the Badgers & Packers it’s the Badgers one that bothers me the most.  This is a team which many had penciled in for the Big Ten Championship (albeit easy to do with Ohio State & Penn State ineligible this year) & also perhaps a return to the Rose Bowl.  We’ve become accustomed to ‘Wisconsin Football’, an O-line which mammoth enough to move mountains, bruising running back punishing anyone trying to tackle them & efficient if not spectacular quarterbacks.  OK, last year we had a spectacular quarterback but you have to agree that was the exception to the rule.  This past Saturday we saw none of those things, which was disconcerting to say the least. Having said that, it still seems to me all those pieces are in place.  Perhaps the loss this past weekend was the proverbial l ‘wake up call’ this team & coaching staff needed,  little humility to knock them out of believing the preseason hype there was & all the talk from pretty much everyone what a cake walk it would be to get to the Big Ten Championship again.  Call me an irrational homer if you will, but I do believe come Saturday we’ll see a different team on the field than we saw last weekend, a team we’re more accustomed to seeing.

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  • Weasel

    A sense of urgency from both teams would be appreciated over the next 96 or so hours.