This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Packers’ Home Opponents’ Cheerleaders.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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It’s Not Over Till We Say It’s Over   – As I mentioned yesterday morning, seeing both the Badgers & Packers get beat was a tough pill to swallow.  While it would be easy to take the defeatist attitude on both loses, it’s time to put both behind us and look forward.  Both teams are better than what they showed over the weekend.  The Badgers always seem to play down to their opponent & there’s a home game this coming weekend. Hopefully UW Offensive Coordinator will remember he’s got Montee Ball in the back field & we can get back to what we’re used to out of Wisconsin football. For the Packers, the defense needs to stiffen up & also think there needs to be some personnel decision made in the secondary. Davon House was inactive for this past game so perhaps he’ll be ready to play now & can provide better than Bush did.  Offensively, everyone has off days & I’m going to chalk the performance up to that & a stellar 48ers defense.  We’ll find out in short order for the Packers & a little bit longer for the Badgers to see if both teams can rise to the challenge, shake off the loses, learn from them & becomes better teams for it.  If I were a betting man, I would say we’ll see both teams play more like we’re used to in these next games.

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