The Packers are the sole owners of the NFC North basement. Wow, haven’t had the unfortune to say that in a long time. It’s been three hours and not a single road that didn’t have a detour on the way home and I am officially sick of the football pundits pointing out that the Packers have already matched the number of losses in the entire 2011 regular season.

Well since I’m already in a head-meet-desk mood, let’s go put the Pack on the weekly slab…


  • Let’s just get this out of the way up front. Trained chimps could’ve done a better job than the Replacement Refs.
  • It’s a sorry stinking state of affairs when you are actually yearning for the expertise of Jeff Tripplet.
  • And with Substitute ref rules, stomping on a tight end, hanging on a receiver like you’re a cheap knockoff of Batman’s cape and pulling and twisting on a quarterback’s helmet are not 15 yard penalties but are encouraged plays.
  • A tantruming, frothing-at-the-mouth rabid coach may be enough to intimidate a bunch of amateurs.
  • Somewhere Ed Hochuli had a very delicious serving of schadenfreude.
  • All kidding aside, the NFL is going to lose one of its premier players to a catastrophic injury if these ding dongs are left to their own device and don’t get a handle on the dirty play.

But repeat after me: Yes, the refs sucked dead toads through a straw, but they are not the reason the Packers were handed their butts on a platter today. They didn’t help matters, and yes, they killed momentum. But they aren’t the ones that were killing momentum.

  • Jarrett Bush, seriously could someone explain to me why he is a starter? It’s not like he’s matured as a player at all in the time between last season and now. Sure, a few flashes of non-suckitude seem to continually give him a stay of execution. But holy mother of god, he covers the secondary with the efficiency of a spaghetti colander.
  • Why even front a secondary when you give receivers a 10 yard cushion on every play?
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we still don’t have a running game.
  • Cendric Benson, you say? You simply do not have a running game when your quarterback has the most yards on the ground.
  • Jermichael Finley, when you have a reputation of dropping the ball, you are going to be hard-pressed to shake that reputation if you well, continually drop the ball in third down situations where your completed pass means  the difference of closing the gap and being on the receiving end of a game-ending dagger.
  • Even Rodgers had an off game. Never seemed to connect with the long ball. The back shoulder pass seemed not quite right. I really wish that quarterbacks–and this is a trait that is by no means unique to Aaron Rodgers–wouldn’t try to win a game single-handedly when the rest is the offense is going nowhere and time is running out. It’s how he got snot bubbled into next week in the Lions game in 2011. It’s why he threw that interception in the playoffs last year and why he threw one–and almost a second one–in the season opener. At least he’s getting his crap game out of the way early and will use this loss as motivation to outplay the Bears in four days.
  • Over all, the defense needs to dig deep and figure out what is wrong, why they aren’t playing as a cohesive unit. Perry will mature. I’m not worried about him. So will Worthy. But the secondary utterly lacks communication. Who was supposed to cover Moss when he went into the end zone?

Yet they were some moments that proved that no one should be abandoning all hope and assuming crash positions. We didn’t lose to the Dolphins or anything. This match-up could very well be the NFC championship. And I am pretty sure we would be ready the next time we face the Niners.

  • Randall Cobb is a bona fide starter. Sure, Driver got announced as one and ran on to the fields with the loudest cheers. But it is obvious Cobb is one of Rodgers’ favorite targets. Sure, he drops some. But he was on fire today. And it sounds like Baby Cheebus told him once again to run one back. He is the reason the Packers were still in it up until the last minute.
  • The Ginger Wolverine is still one of the most dangerous punters in the entire league. King of the Coffin Corner.
  • Okay, the line wasn’t great. But they were not as horrible as I had thought they would be. Marshall Newhouse is getting there. Unless there is a Left Tackle Fairy that will leave a little gift under McCarthy’s pillow, he’s our man. Not Cliffy who would magnanimously return from retirement to lead the line through the valley of the shadow of darkness. Not Sherrod. I’m still not convinced he will ever be back to his past level of performance. The starter is Newhouse, and he is getting better with every game. I have faith that he is going to be the tackle that will progress and own the blind side.
  • While it is easy to declare the defense stunk, it’s hard to forget that Clay Matthews and the old guy Charles Woodson still have that innate ability to get to the QB and offer him a taste of the turf.

It’s one game. Big whoop. The Packers lost to the lowly ‘Fins during that magical 2010 season. When you are owner of the basement, the only way to go is up. A good team will learn from these mistakes an improve.

But cheer up, everyone. It’s officially Bears Week!


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  • Anita

    It’s kinda sad when “Ginge” is one of your bright spots.

    And I would like to introduce Mr. Randall Cobb to my Fantasy Football starting line up. 29 (yes, that’s TWENTY NINE) wasted points on my bench, while either Cruz (5.8 points) or Jennings (3.4 points….seriously, Greg?) are going to find themselves BENCHED.

    Wasn’t there a year that the Packers were the Colts ONLY win all year? Didn’t we make the playoffs that year? This loss wasn’t as bad as that. Or as bad as the Chiefs last year.

    Basement, my ass. The Packers were the only team in the division that didn’t play the NFL equivalent of a HIGH SCHOOL team. Bear, Viking and Lions fans can just enjoy this feeling while it lasts…because it WON’T.

    Let’ssss go! Pissed off QB1 is GOOD QB1, and I think that boy is feeling mighty pissy today.

  • Mark

    GB lost to TB in 09 lost to Skins and dolphin in 10.

  • Colleen

    I’m still not feeling good. I hope I’m wrong about this.