This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Packers’ Away Opponents’ Cheerleaders.

Houston Texans

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Packers Fans Overreacting?  Impossible – A huge amount of talk & what not about Greg Jennings & remarks he made on various media outlets on Tuesday about this year being the last of his existing contract.  Jennings also, and being realistic about it, said there’s a chance his next contract won’t be from the Packers.  Packers fans, being the passionate bunch we are, of course focused on this last statement & seemed to wiping away tears in anticipation of Jennings signing with another team.  I think perhaps that may be a bit premature, not only because you know, we have a full season ahead of us but also because I do think that somehow, someway Thompson gets Jennings extended during the course of the year.  Don’t ask me how, I have no idea nor do I even try to begin to understand the nuances of the NFL Salary Cap & how things can be moved around, but in my gut I don’t see Jennings going anywhere.  Yes, Thompson has done a good job of preparing for this possibility with the drafting of Cobb last year & holding on to Boykins this year but I also think Thompson is true to ‘his guys’. We’ve seen it with much worse players in the past, Brady Poppinga comes to mind, and while Jennings won’t be cheap, I do think Thompson finds a way keep in the fold.

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