This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is AP Top 5 College Football Teams’ Cheerleaders.

#3 LSU

The Brewers got another one over the Cubs last night at Wrigley, winning 4-1 .

Not too surprising here, With trade deadline nearing, Shaun Marcum put on waivers .

Miller Park Drunk on how Aramis Ramirez is True Blue Brew Crew .

ACME Packing Company wonders Which Linebackers Will Make The 2012 Green Bay Packers?

Just a great piece from CD over at CHTV here, A Little Perspective on Final Cutdown Days .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter on Badgers Who Catch Footballs (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends) .

Brew Hoop with some Bucks news, Monta Ellis Still Expected To Opt Out, Brandon Jennings Extension Not Close .

Yes, yes he does… This Guy Really, Really Loves Denard Robinson .

Now that Training Camps are coming to an end, here’s a list of NFL Fans From TV Shows That Internet Fanbases Should Fully Embrace as we gear up for the regular season to start.

I know there are plenty of you out there that stayed up late last night playing, so did you adhere to the 10 Official Codes Of Etiquette For ‘Madden’ ?

And to keep with that theme, If Madden 13 Player Ratings Were More Detailed .

Here are some of the lesser-known Dez Bryant conduct conditions .

Here’s an easy list of 12 easy cocktails you can think about making this coming Labor Day Weekend.

Seriously, some people should not procreate, 23 examples of awful parenting that rival anything Snooki will ever do to her baby .

Enjoy It While You Can – It’s an understatement to say the Brewers’ season hasn’t gone as expected or hoped for. That being said, there are still reasons to pay attention as we enter the twilight of the Brewers’ 2012 season as.  As Miller Park Drunk pointed out, Aramis Ramirez is on a tear right now, playing out of his mind which is enjoyable to see. Ryan Braun is leading the National League in Home Runs & for whatever reason I personally get like to see Norichika Aoki play the game.  Perhaps more importantly, it’s still baseball & if you’re a fan of the game it’s still an opportunity to watch your team playing. Sure, the Brewers will be soon overshadowed by Badgers & Packers football but during the week & the beginning of the weekend it still serves as entertainment, frustrating entertainment at times, but entertainment none the less.

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  • Colleen

    ‘For whatever reason’? The reason – Nori is awesome. ;)