This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is AP Top 5 College Football Teams’ Cheerleaders.

#5 Oregon

The Brewers got the win at PNC Park yesterday afternoon, beating the Pirates 7 – 0 .

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See any of these Types Of People You See At Every Gym this morning?

It’s Basically a Death Star .

The Wide Receiver Decision – We saw the Packers make a first round of cuts on Friday and nothing too surprising from those.  Things will get much more interesting not though as we enter the final week of preseason & the eventual cut down to 53. Perhaps the most interesting decision will come at wide receiver as really neither Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel have really stepped up.  Granted there were injuries for both of them but a lot of talk was made early on about the possibility of the Packers keeping 6 wide receivers, or rather being forced to if Gurley or Borel forced that.  Not sure that has happened yet but they both have a week to change minds.   We’ve seen Ted Thompson make some interesting roster moves in the past, so even if neither Gurley or Borel standout he may keep one or both based on potential to protect them from other teams. We’ll all find out together I guess.

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