For once, and those of you who know me in real life will find this hard to believe, I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll start with a letter to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Dear Senior Nominating Committee:

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on having the wisdom to select Dave Robinson as a finalist for induction into the Hall of Fame. Robby has been grievously overlooked for years, and it’s about damned time that you figured that out.

Now, on to the matter at hand. WHY THE (F-BOMB) ISN’T JERRY KRAMER ON THIS LIST AS WELL?

I’ve written a blog post about this injustice before. I’ve detailed the reasons that this omission, after being nominated more times than ANY OTHER PLAYER without being elected is wrong. It’s glaringly obvious to me that you can, apparently, only let one Lombardi-era Packer in at a time, and someone who is probably named Cliff Christl decided that was Robinson. Maybe he can’t push for more than one player. That wouldn’t surprise me.

Still, you all suck. I can’t believe you (f-bomb)ing jerks can’t see how stupid this is. How utterly and egregiously wrong this is. How deserving #64 really is of being in your so called (f-bomb)ing hallowed halls. How much the fans cared. We signed petitions, we sent letters, we tweeted. Bloggers wrote about this. More important, I believe to you asshats anyway, pro players wrote expressions of support. A lot of them. Frank Gifford. BART STARR.

My friend Alicia, who has tirelessly led the effort to finally get her father inducted poured her soul into this. Alicia is an amazing person, so you’ve ignored that too by this sheer idiocy. She’s been gracious about the new slight, as has Jerry. This doesn’t surprise me. I, however, cannot be that gracious.

You’ve made a mistake. AGAIN. I hope you someday figure that out and it’s while Jerry can actually show up for his ceremony. But I doubt that will happen. You’re too (f-bomb)ing stupid.

(F-bomb) you.


Someone Who Will Give a Shit About Canton When Jerry Kramer Is Inducted


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  • John Rehor

    Couldn’t have said it any better Colleen. Perfect.

  • dougbauerns

    Colleen, you have to learn not to hold back. Tell us what you really feel. Holding things in like that is bad for your health.


    Seriously though. Nice post.

  • gbpf127

    I really wish the vitriol against Cliff Christl would stop. He’s a friend of the family. He’s a good guy that you would like if you met. He has a wonderful mind for the history of the Packers. He is not an asshat. If I gave you the impression otherwise to assume what he has or hasn’t done, I’m sorry for that discussion. He is a voting member. As far as I know he is not on the nomination committee.

    • Colleen

      I’m sure he’s a nice man, and I was calling the committee asshats. What I said in fact came from a couple of people who ought to know and had nothing to do with anything you’ve said. In fact, I forgot you even knew him. The people I talked to said if Cliff didn’t back JK, he wasn’t getting nominated. I don’t know that did or did not happen. I’m making the point that Jerry should be on that list. Period.

  • gbpf127

    …. a point that could have been made without bringing up Cliff’s name. “and someone who is probably named Cliff Christl”. Probably. My point. Period.

    Next tine you are in Green Bay, check out the Packers Heritage Trail, the brain child of Cliff and his wife Shirley, and nurtured by my brother-in-law.

  • Anita

    If the Hall thinks that there are “too many Lombardi Packers in the HOF” (a ridiculous argument similar to that used against the 1972 Miami Dolphins when it comes to members of that team getting in), then we KNOW that there was no way the Veteran’s Committee would nominated Robinson and Kramer at the same time.

    I hope Dave Robinson gets his bust in Canton this year. And I hope that Jerry Kramer doesn’t end up like Ron Santo did with the Baseball HOF. Jerry Kramer deserves to be there and deserves to be there to enjoy seeing it happen.

    The Man who recognized the opponent’s weakness, pointed it out to the Coach, SUGGESTED the play, and MADE THE BLOCK that won the Ice Bowl is NOT in the HOF? Holy cats. What a bunch of bullshit.

    Is is now a pissing contest? Is it now a matter of, “we’re not going to let people tell us what to do,” DESPITE all the football legends that have written letters on Jerry Kramer’s behalf? Hell, even opposing players and fans know that this man should have been in the HOF a long time ago.