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Noureen DeWulf – The Comebacks

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This is worth the time, Celebrate Bill Murray With This Bill Murray Remix .

Looking into Eleven Great Musician-Politician Campaign Feuds .

Different Expectations – Russel Wilson came into Madison & created electricity at the quarterback position in Wisconsin we’ve never seen.  Wilson was an athletic playmaker, a game changer in every aspect of the world.  With the Badgers once again starting a transfer QB in Danny O’Brien it’ll be hard not to make comparisons to last year.  Doing so would be a mistake though. O’Brien isn’t the same type of player as Wilson & that’s just fine. I see O’Brien’s roll at the helm being more akin to what we’re typically used to seeing out of Badger quarterbacks.  Ability to manage the game & huddle, able to throw for positive yardage when called up to do that & hand the ball off to Montee Ball or James White.  In the end, I see Danny O’Brien being the next coming of Jim Sorgi and if so, it’ll work out just fine.

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