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First Preseason Game in the Books – There you go folks, your first Packers’ preseason game has come & gone, so what do we know?  Well, little hard to say right now.  There definitely some bright spots to be happy about.  Nick Perry & Davon House, before he left the game with an injury, looked mostly solid which is encouraging for a defense that was wanting last year.  James Stark however did little to encourage & perhaps the biggest hold your breath moment came when Desmond Bishop went down & then hobbled off the field.  We’ll all be waiting to find out the severity of Bishop & House’s injuries & I can safely say let’s hope neither is serious enough to keep either one of them off the field come September.  All in all the game is what you’d expect out of the first preseason game & there are three more to go to help us get a better idea of the team in general.

The Brewers will be back in action this weekend in Houston & the Olympics also wrap up so there will be no shortage of things to keep your sports oriented mind occupied in the coming days.  Enjoy both over the weekend & we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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