This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Former Olympians.

Alicia Sacramone – Gymnastics (USA)

Mike Fiers turned another gem last night to lead the Brewers to a 3-1 win over the Reds .

Miller Park Drunk has left his wallet in Jean Segura .

From Disciples of Uecker, more on Jean Segura and Determining the 2013 Plan .

All Green Bay Packers calls Jeff Saturday the Packers Most Important New Player .

John at Eat More Cheese says Aaron Rodgers Should Not Play Against the Chargers .

Bucksketball on news that Joel Przybilla agrees to one-year-deal with Milwaukee Bucks .

UW Hoops news as Another Guard Joins 2013 Badger Basketball Class .

In case you were interested, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Megan Rossee .

Here are 40 Funny Names from the 2012 Summer Olympic .

Why would anyone actually every do this? Forehead tattoos are never a good idea, but this “I Slept With Shaq” one may be the worst ever .

Of course we were going to have something to say, Hilarious American Twitter Reactions To Canada’s Allegations Of Match Fixing .

I recall quite a few of these, The Absolute Worst Part Of Visiting Your Grandparents As A Child .

It really is the only way to celebrate a Bronze Medal, Belgian fans celebrate bronze medal with multiple expletives .

Some pretty good performances in here, The 20 Best Serious Movie Performances By Comedians .

Of Course He Does – So Roger Goodell wants to see ‘American’ Football in the Olympics …how not surprising is that.  Have said it before, Goodell has done a lot to get the NFL to where it is today, not just a Fall/Winter sport but pretty much a 365 day behemoth which you can’t avoid even if you tried.  I applaud his efforts to expand the awareness of the sport overseas but how can he even think this would ever, ever happen?  Baseball is played in more countries then football right now, and at higher levels, but you don’t see MLB clamoring for its inclusion in the Olympics.  Some things are better left alone & the inclusion of NFL style football in the Olympics is one of them.  Trying to push that agenda just makes Goodell look like a megalomaniac, which maybe to a certain extent he is.

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  • Philip

    Fun fact: Baseball was an Olympic sport until these summer games in London.