H/T to @BMarkovich57 for the title. And for being part of the #clownmafia

NOTE: TotalPackers.com deleted the post I’m referring to overnight. Just now, (after some comments on Twitter rang a bell, I suspect) an apology was posted . My comments still stand. And there’s a screen shot of the post. It happened.

I wasn’t going to link to this but decided it was necessary.

When I heard today the NFL had decided to use a female referee for the Packers game (the very first woman to do so), I was overjoyed. Yes, I know these are replacement refs. Yes, I have my concerns about how well these refs being brought in will actually do. Will they catch the right things? Will they make the right calls? Will they keep the game as safe as they can? I don’t know. But I do know that it is very possible for a female ref to be as knowledgeable of the game as any man and to be able to view and make calls as accurately as any man. (And more accurately, one hopes, than Jeff Triplette. For heaven’s sake.)

Yet we still have this kind of drivel being posted…she’s not ‘eye candy’….she’s a ‘broad’….let me be clear here. I am not the most politically correct person ever. I still refer to myself as a ‘girl’ and I’m sure that time passed long ago. I applaud Danica Patrick for working her looks to be successful at marketing her brand and making a good living.


It DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THESE WOMEN LOOK LIKE. What matter is their brains, their stamina and their speed (yes, even as a NFL ref, you have to be in decent shape). You have to know the rules. You have to be smart. And you have to be willing to make a hard decision. And WTF was with ‘E. Wolf’ and his comment? Yes, I know, it wasn’t Eliot. Or it damned well better not have been. Brave man, to put a comment up like that and use someone else’s name.

I know many women like this who are not in high profile professions, or in the public eye. They are knowledgeable about their professions and they work hard to do a good job. Sometimes they are better than the men they work with, sometimes they are not. Because they are HUMAN. It’s true of us female Packer bloggers too. Sometimes, for being articulate, we even get called ho’s . Really?

Monty, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself for publishing that trash. Even if you were joking, as was suggested to me. You’re even worse than Vic Ketchman. And that’s saying something. I wonder what Bob Harlan would think of that blogpost, considering you’re affiliated with the Packers Hall of Fame.

Sexist assclown.


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  • http://www.dicksfavoriteblog.com Richard Chang

    Personally, I hate all referees. Doesn’t matter how aerodynamic they are.

  • CaptElaino

    I read the original post and immediately wished I hadn’t. Made me livid. Thanks for posting something to counteract the idiocy of people, Colleen. Sexist assclowns indeed.

  • https://twitter.com/Bmarkovich57 Brian Markovich

    I’m glad you wrote this piece, Colleen. The stupidity of some people is just ridiculous. Sexist Assclowns.

  • ransaythis

    Agree 100%.

  • Rich Ward

    Clear, concise, and to the point. Perfect.