So, as you probably know if you follow me on Twitter and weren’t hiding under a rock, I had the pleasure of visiting the great state of Wisconsin last week and spending the most time (in one trip) that I ever have there. In six days, I accomplished the following: Three trips from Green Bay to Milwaukee (including my first ever Brewers game), a trip to Door County and the ‘tip of the thumb’ (and seeing Mike McCarthy’s house from the stalker/roadside viewpoint), Packers’ practice, the Shareholder meeting, eating a lot of cheese curds, hearing the hashtag #clownmafia invented in my presence and enduring general sleep deprivation.

Because there were really quite a few sports related activities during the week, I felt I had enough random thoughts to share the following:

    • The Packers’ Shareholder meeting is something I think every Shareholder should do at least once, if possible.  It’s truly a shareholder meeting, with all that you might think that entails, so it can be kind of dry, but it was nice to hear Mark Murphy and Ted Thompson share their thoughts (Ted has a very dry wit that doesn’t translate in a press conference) and to thank the fans and shareholders for their help in keeping the franchise relevant. Also,seeing the Mirror Ball Trophy in person was pretty cool.Last, I can’t wait to see the scoreboard and hear the new sound system in action in October.
    • The amount of love for Donald Driver in Packer Nation has grown exponentially in the past year. Sadly, practice Friday was moved indoors due to some much needed rain. But it was fun to see the players going out to their cars to drive over (what, they’ll melt in the rain?) and when Quickie emerged, the cheers that went up were LOUD. He waved to everyone, smiled, and enjoyed the moment. As did we all.
    • It’s of course very hard to get any real impressions of how the Packers will be this season based on the first week of practice, much less only one session as I was able to attend. But I will say (in addition to the fact some crazy female in the audience loved Jordy Nelson a bit too much) I thought Donald Driver looked in impeccable shape and ready for competition (and again was clearly the crowd favorite), Tom Crabtree looked focused, and is continuing to be a fantastic blocker, BJ Coleman has a ’4′ like zip to his passes (hope that’s where the resemblance stops) and Aaron Rodgers is an amazing looking man. Oh, sorry, slight digression there. He also looked in fantastic form. Wait, that’s not right either. ;) He’s ready for another MVP season. Honestly. It was exciting to watch and I certainly hope I get to do it again someday.
    • Believe it or not (since I am fairly new to MLB fandom as an adult) I have been to several ballparks as part of the fun for me on a trip is taking in a MLB game if the city offers such entertainment. Miller Park is one of the most beautiful parks I’ve seen. Yes, we may have been in the last row, but you could certainly see the action and it was a great experience. The Brewers? Well, sadly, the ‘bad Brewers’ showed up the day I was there. But at least my favorite player, Nori Aoki, performed at his usual level and hopefully it wasn’t a precursor to the rest of the season.

All in all, it was a trip packed with fun, friends and my favorite sports experiences. You really can’t go wrong with that. I can’t wait to do it again as soon as possible.



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  • Farah

    I do not think your observation on QB1 was off topic in the least ;)

  • Farah

    Oh sorry, also, that girl who was in love with Jordy…whooo boy. She was a crazy one!