With a nod towards fellow Angel (and other half of my brain), Kelly’s eloquent thoughts on Penn State’s consequences, I feel it necessary to present my own.

So, finally, the NCAA decided what they were going to do about the mess in Happy Valley. And how. As expected, the reactions flew fast and furious. Some pro-sanctions and some lamenting, and even after the Freeh report, playing the apologist for Joe Paterno. But this one in particular, because it came from a Packer player, caught my eye.

‘These Penn State punishments are bull. What went on with Sandusky had nothing to do with football.’ – Brandian Ross on Twitter

So, after responding respectfully and disagreeing with Mr. Ross, I got the following:

@foundinidaho well take scholarships not wins from players who knew nothing of it clown

Clown. Yeah, I’ll wear that one with pride. Thanks. Because here’s something that you and all the other jackasses who are defending Joe Paterno don’t get. And something that those of you saying the vacated wins are of no consquence and aren’t ‘really what this is about’ don’t get. (Another major thread on my timeline.)

JOE PATERNO ALLOWED BOYS TO BE SEXUALLY ABUSED. AND YES, IT WAS FOR THE BENEFIT OF HIS FOOTBALL PROGRAM. AND THEREFORE WINS. IT WAS WRONG. The penalties in no way address fully the wrongs that were done here. How can they? But they have some effect and consequence on both the Penn State football program and Joe Paterno’s legacy.

By covering up what happened, JoePa protected his football program. By doing that, he enhanced his ability to recruit and continue to win. Yes, kids, it helped the football program that he covered this up. If you don’t agree with me, I respect the fact you have a different opinion but I also think you’re full of shit. I feel for the current players and coaches who had no part in this scandal, but as someone pointed out yesterday, no NCAA penalties ever impact everyone who perpetrated them.

Next? If you don’t understand why vacating those wins matters, and you think that it doesn’t tie back to the issue at hand, I don’t get you either. Joe Paterno was also protecting his legacy with this coverup. Part of his legacy was having the record for wins. By vacating his wins, he no longer has that status. He no longer has those wins. And that negates so much about Paterno. And about his family that continues, CONTINUES to defend this man. GOOD.

Paterno didn’t abuse those kids. I’ll give you that. But he knew it happened and he allowed it to continue.

And for that, he deserves to have his legacy vacated, and tarnished, and a statue removed at the least. And, perhaps, if you believe in such things, he’ll have his own little corner of hell next to Jerry Sandusky once that fiend shuffles his mortal coil.

You think JoePa didn’t get treated fairly? You think Penn State’s program doesn’t deserve to suffer? You think those wins being vacated does nothing to how he will be remembered or the lesson to be learned from all this?


This situation was all about withholding information, controlling information in order to win and be remembered positively. In no way, now, can the Penn State program or Joe Paterno be viewed positively. That’s as it should be.
Justice may not be fully served, but as far as the NCAA goes, I think this might have been their finest hour.

End rant.


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  • http://www.gbpackeraddicts.blogspot.com PWC

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. This has EVERYTHING to do with the football program. The program, as Ross implies, is not being punished for Sandusky’s crimes per se, but for conspiring to hide his monstrous actions to protect their legacies and a program that enjoyed far too much leniency and power at the university.

  • Tarynfor 12

    No matter the side taken by anyone in the media,fandom,family,friends of Joe Paterno..I beg each of you to close your eyes and invision a young boy being assaulted in a sexual manner and hearing his scream of pain from this assault and then the crying of tears that come induced by a fear that it likely is to occur AGAIN.

    Now attach Paterno’s face as though it is yours,then try to justify this act occurring again and again to protect a legacy of ‘FOOTBALL’ wins and chalk the evil being done to those children and what they lost as a loss best ignored.

  • Beep

    Well said.
    It is very sad people cannot put this NCAA punishment in proper context. It is so rare for once, the crime is worse than the coverup in college football.
    Most NCAA violations are for covering up improper benefits or illegal recruiting which is sooooo insignificant compared to the heinous acts of Sandusky. Why can’t people realize JoePa and his minions didn’t cover up a recruiting scandal…they harbored a pervert for the good of the program.
    I’m glad the NCAA gave a punishment that is equivalent a time release capsule to help remind Penn State for more than a few years that they let the football program become too powerful.

  • Anita

    I wear my clown nose proudly, right along side you, Colleen!!