Now that some time has passed since last night’s crushing Brewers defeat and I’ve had a little space to gain perspective…I can say without reservation that that defeat was easily the most disappointing, discouraging and disheartening of the season.

Sorry, there will be no “Golly, that was a tough one last night. Let’s go get ‘em today, fellas!” from me.

Perhaps it’s the additive effect, the cumulative weight of 16 last at-bat losses. Or maybe it is the angst of seeing John Axford, a guy who was bullet-proof last season, look like the pitcher who washed out of the minors a few years ago.

It could be the idea that Milwaukee wasted yet another excellent start from Mike Fiers and the notion that the Crew will get itself together as a team about the time the league figures out Fiers and his clock strikes midnight.

Perhaps it is because last night’s game was played in a “WTF fog” surrounding just WFT is up with Zack Greinke and the club, and just WTF all this all means for the team going forward.

While there have been plenty of tough losses this season for the Brewers, the context of this one feels different, coming as it does during a much-discussed stretch of games against division rivals just before the trading deadline—that seems to makes this single loss more fraught with meaning. This one appears to be something of a tipping point. While that implies a balance that could go either way, I have an uncomfortable feeling that the loss Monday night is the one that defines the Brewers season: the final cut, the last insult. At this point, for me at least, if hope hasn’t died, the priest is readying the holy water and preparing a few well-chosen words in Latin. I am starting to face an emerging sense that there will be no recovery, no dash for the Wild Card—no damn cat, no damn cradle. All that remains in the wake of this revelation is curiosity about how management will move in addressing the future.

  • Colleen

    Sigh. I feel similarly. I hope we’re wrong.

  • K-Fey

    “I can say without reservation that that defeat was easily the most disappointing, discouraging and disheartening of the season.”

    I have said this after several losses this year, and it just keeps happening. They keep getting worse.

  • BigSnakeMan

    It’s also interesting, to say the least, that during this ‘crucial stretch’ of the season the Brewers decide to sit their best pitcher and their most valued tradable asset.

  • Chris

    I still suspect “self-sabotage” — poisoning the market to make it easier to justify hanging on to Greinke. Might not be a bad tactic…